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#1: Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

This is just a fancy phrase for mind control. Look up US6506148B2. The link may or may not let you in, if it doesn’t I’ll send it personally.

#2: Extraterrestrial DNA (Part 1)

Look up the Dogons & their connection to Star Sirius B. Look up the Annunaki and the pyramid on Mars. Look up Manetho and who he states built the pyramids.

All of this matters.
#3: Origins of Hell

Look up “Phaedo” by Plato, the death of Socrates and the origins of hell.
#4: Willie Lynch Letter

Look up Dr. Delbert Blair and the Willie Lynch letter. Also look up Dr. Kwabena Ashanti, Willie Lynch Letter, 1970 and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
#5: Vaccines (Part 1)

• Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
• Ronald Regan, 1986
• Latin word for vaccine
• ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine ingredients
#6: Roots

Look up Alex Haley, Harold Courlander and Margaret Walker Alexander.
#7: The Illuminati Card Game

This game was released in 95’ but its based on a book that came out in the 70s. https://twitter.com/coachwilmore_/status/1308435565365338113
#8: Religion (Part 1)

Look up the Jeselsohn Stone, Simon of Peraea and the Jesus connection.
#9: Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill in Canada, where water runs upward and cars can go backwards up a hill without power.
#10: Nikola Tesla (Part 1)

Nikola Tesla was a mastermind but we know how our government is. Look him up, his death and his creation of weather modification or the HAARP Machine.
#11: Organ trafficking?

Look up LA Riots, the arrests during the riots and James K Hahn.
I forgot to put a disclaimer(because niggas love to put words in my mouth) and state that I’m not implying anything in this thread is true or false.

I just like for people to analyze situations from all angles and come up with their own perceptions and viewpoints.
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