i've said it before and i will say this again.

i really appreciate that there's been more autism rep in media. but like, the media only portrays like, one kind of autism, and that's those with an above average intelligence, the spectrum is large and autism is different for-
-everyone. there's lots of people on the spectrum with average or even below average intelligence.

not to mention how autistic characters always have their special interest being something related to science or biology or something like that. there's many autistic people whose-
-special interests are a fandom and stuff like that.

it's very unrealistic that every autistic character you see in the media is just. smarter than everyone and is interested in more advanced things.

and again, with autism being different for everyone, it's very hard for us-
-to relate to these characters sometimes.

i get that autism may be hard to write, especially with how ranged the spectrum is and how people may not understand it. but i'm really tired of the "i'm smarter than everyone" trope.
i do appreciate the rep, really. it's just that some variety would be nice

i've only really seen those with high functioning autism being represented. when again, the spectrum ranges. there's some people that need extra help and that's okay.

it honestly seems like the media hates autistic people unless they're high functioning. yikes.
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