So all of the REEEE REEEE REEEE about Trump's $750 tax payment is not only irrelevant per the current tax laws and legally minimizing your burden, it's actually a complete fabrication based on people too lazy and stupid to read the illegally obtained source documents.
The $750 was an *additional* payment on top of millions already paid.
I mean, I've read @alexthechick 's thread twice and it angers me more each time. Not only is it a complete lie, they included the compensation from employees.
You know one detail that only I, my employer and my wife know? That's right: how much I get paid. Not even my family members know because it's none of their business.
And now some shitstain posts that private information about others and it's all hahaha Orange Man Bad hahaha and now I'm looking up the prices of pitchforks and torches.
I get not liking Trump. I get being disgusted by him. But there is nothing, not one damned thing, that will make me understand how or why anyone is willing to give power to these pieces of human debris.
I don't unfriend people IRL or online for their political opinions, but if you simply hand wave away this type of crap because of politics, you are a garbage person.
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