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1.More than five thousand years ago
The one of the most important & mighty river Sarasvati was flowing through the arid desert into the Arabian Sea.
2.Sarasvati is mentioned in Rig Veda and ancient sanskrit text.
3.The trace of ancient
riverbed was recently found which was followed to the far West.
4. In forty five of its hymns ,the Rig Veda praises Sarasvati .Her name appears 72 times & 3 hymns wholly dedicated to her.

5.Sarasvati's water,lauded as "Great flood,Greatest among the great ,the most important
rivers.She is regarded as "Mother of water" Sindhumata.

6.The Rig Veda mentioned its geographical description in NADISTUTI SUKTA which invoke 19 major rivers of Vedic Era

7.This Sukta mentions the Sarasvati is between the Yamuna in the east & Sutlej in the west means Saraswati
flows between Yamuna and Sutlej.
Sarasvati acquires a powerful image in Vedic Symbolism embodying the flood of illumination.
8.Yajur Veda mentions her as Goddess of speech.
Saraswati is the riverine goddess of knowledge ,constant association with Dhi or thought.
9.The Mahabharata also Mention about the pilgimage of Balarama along the bank of Sarasvati. At one point Balarama reached a spot where the Sarasvati seems to be lost.
10.Vyasa the great sage was living in a forest near the Sarasvati.
Pandavas performed ablutions in Sarasvati.
11.According to the Sattelite image of ISRO, The Ghaggar Hakra river is identified as the Vedic Saraswati River.
12.From the Archeological & geological findings its noe proven that the most of the sites of Indus Valley Civilization were actually along the Mighty River Sarasvati.
13.The Findinds of Rajasthan Ground Water Department it is found that Freshwater is available in many places of Thar Desert of Jaisalmer Dist & some wells never dried up. In some places freshwater available at depth of 30-40m .this confirm that the underground flow is active.
The river was probably 1500 km long & 3-5 km wide & around 4000yr ago,the bank of the great Saraswati river provide great civilization. It was much bigger than indus river. It was the living river on the bank of which Duryodhana & Bhima fought their last grim duel of Majabharata.
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Source- The lost River by Michel Dadino.
fact & believe abt Saraswati Speaking tree.
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