thread on what’s going on in armenia and how to help:
#Armenia #Karabakh #ArtsakhStrong
how to help:
if this entire thread wasnt fucking enough
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key information:
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it’s getting more serious. history could repeat itself.
what armenians are going through right now:
this isn’t just about artsakh anymore. it never was.
why you should care, as a person from the US:
this this this!
letting this happen is not only going to possible wipe out armenia and its people, but it will also directly fill zionists’ pockets.
during the genocide we already lost HALF of our country and people. ever since then the diaspora has been passing down western armenian culture while it slowly got more and more diluted. me and armenians my age Struggle to say a proper sentence entirely in armenian
it’s humiliating and terrifying. we can’t afford to lose more. we can’t afford more deaths, more losses. eastern armenia is the only thing western armenians have thats close to home. it’s the only connection to our ancestors we have left.
but that’s just my point of view. imagine how terrifying this is for eastern armenians who live there rn. don’t let them go thru what my ancestors went thru a century ago.
#Armenia #Artsakh this is So important. please read
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