An inquiry has heard Victoria’s hotel quarantine failure led to 768 deaths - but no single person has accepted responsibility for the fateful decision to use private security guards instead of police or defence force personnel to run quarantine. #abc730 @GraceTobin #COVID19Vic
“Contracting out is an entrenched practice of contemporary government and to some extent I think what we’ve learned here is that it operated as a starting assumption … rather than something that was put to critical reflection.” Prof. Kristen Rundle. @MelbLawSchool #abc730
“What is remarkable about this event, and this inquiry, is that the contracting out element of the picture has been front and centre from the beginning through to the end.” Prof. Kristen Rundle. @MelbLawSchool #abc730
“What we're seeing is a kind of democratic moment, at least in the level of interest and concern for this aspect of the functions of government, that is uncommon ... These are rarely, if ever, the subject of democratic deliberation.” Prof. Kristen Rundle. @MelbLawSchool #abc730
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