Today @WWF_Australia has released its Hydrogen Position Paper! This builds on our work advocating for a Renewable Hydrogen stimulus measure as part of our #RenewableRecovery campaign.

Check-it out 👇

THREAD with toplines
So the toplines in the paper:
1. Hydrogen is an existing global industry used to produce fertilizer, explostives and in the chemical industry more broadly. Hydrogen from coal and gas are mature technologies and account for ~1% of global carbon pollution (Source: @WoodMackenzie)
2. Hydrogen will be absolutely essential for addressing climate change but a) renewable hydrogen is the only source that is zero emissions and b) is the only form likely to have a significant learning curve/cost reduction at the scale required.

Source: COAG Energy Council, 2019
3. Australia has a huge comparative advantage due to our world-class solar and wind resources and access to land. Australia's renewable hydrogen will likely be some of the cheapest in the world.

Source: @BloombergNEF
4. While #renewablehydrogen is essential for a net zero emission world, we should target it's use to processes and places (sectors and countries) that can't easily be electrified.

E.g. compare the efficiency of an electric car to a hydrogen fuel cell car. Source: @reneworgau
6. In the longer term we need to be commercialising renewable hydrogen for:
c) Steel, cement, alumina and other metal refining
d) Use in deep-ocean/long-haul shipping (particularly green ammonia)
e) Countries that can't easily electrify (e.g. Singapore)
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