Thread. This is one of the 3-5 remaining professional anti-nuclear activists in Australia.

Following our wonderfully, positive, affirming and inclusive @StandUp4Nuclear event, this is what he is reduced to.

He represents @FoEAustralia - one of the world's first Green brands
I realise I am not everyone's cup of tea. But I work hard to be a nice person, and a force for good, not to mention constantly re-evaluating my positions and seeking more points of view.

Sickening, disgusting, and racist - ok. This is a hard effort at character assassination.
Ask yourself - how quickly would I be slammed if I came close to this type of conduct?

The nuclear supporting position is expected to be exemplary. The anti-nuclear position has such a halo of goodness, it's a free pass every time.
It has been nearly a decade that this person has been seeking to damage me, with ever rising vigour.

Not once has a single anti-nuclear person of a skerrick of profile denounced his conduct, even while maintaining their nuclear opposition.

To the contrary.

They keep collaborating.

He continues to be invited to respected fora and treated as an impartial authority. I have to politely deal with him in debate settings to which he is invited.
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