A humorous take from🇳🇱, and further evidence that the science of psychometrics to inform the teaching of reading is leading to a massive international disaster. In short, ACER 🇦🇺and CITO 🇳🇱 led the PISA psychometrics in 2000 and implementation in their respective countries 1/ https://twitter.com/zondagmetlubach/status/1310305587041894405
having led the establishment of the PISA reading scale in 2000, both countries are now struggling. 🇳🇱 on an increasingly negative trajectory, 🇦🇺 on a steady negative trajectory, on the scales each country led in developing. 2/
it's a multifaceted argument with the evidence increasingly clear. Favouring science over meaning in the teaching of reading leads to decline, with the 🇳🇱 decline associated with an increased emphasis on reading skill.
leesvaardigheid = Reading skills
literatuur = literature /3
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