Three and a half years ago, investment banker & Republican dirty trickster Peter W. Smith told the WSJ that he & Mike Flynn had reached out to Russian hackers for—you guessed it—dirt on HRC in 2016. Ten days after this confession, he died by suicide in a Minnesota hotel room.
Paul Horner, a notorious hawker of disinfo who claimed his his extensive internet lies about Obama "got Trump elected" because “Trump's followers will believe anything," was found dead in his bed by overdose a few months after Smith died.
In 2015 Paul Manafort, Trump's felonious former campaign adviser, told his daughter that, facing enormous debts to oligarchs (which he hoped to pay off by working for Trump), he was considering suicide, and checked into a psych clinic.
The point is that — for everyone except Trumps who have lizard blood — profound involvement in Trump's corruption, deceit, and traitorous behavior takes a toll on mental health.
Thomas Bowers, who oversaw Trump’s private banker at Deutsche Bank, died by suicide one year ago.

Michael Caputo, who is also sick with cancer, cited mental health issues as a reason for taking leave from HHS just two weeks ago.
Jerome Corsi. Roger Stone. Rudy Giuliani. All of these people have mental-health issues that they both discuss and display.

People in red counties that support Trump are also dying at alarming rates of diseases of despair.
If Trumpism is a death cult, and it has all the hallmarks, Brad Parscale's apparent suicide attempt will, sadly, probably not be the last among Trump's inner circle.
P.S. Didn’t mean to suggest special forensics or dot-connecting here! No conspiracies.

Just pointing out, from these news stories, that complicity in Trump’s lies and crimes takes a very heavy toll on people.
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