Got a massive delivery of games from Suruga-ya recently. Mostly Japanese, classic, and OOP, etc.


“Let’s Post Game Photos!”

P.S. this is all @LeonJScheuber's Fault
In Project Universe, play as interplanetary freight carriers, procuring resources, prepping to launch, and heading for space stations.

Once you lift off, on-Earth actions become unavailable.

Time is spent when you take actions, and you are penalized for overwork.

Tokyo Jidohanbaiki: A game about Japanese vending machines and drinks.

Multiple 5-10 minute games inside.

The core of the gameplay centers on a vending machine drink tower, into which miniature drinks are dropped. Some will come out again, and others won't!

CMYK! is a real-time action game in which all players connect colorful triangular tiles at the same time.

You earn points by making a hexagon or achieving the objective stated on the objective cards.

In Sheep & Thief you breed sheep, and watch them prosper, but watch out for those shifty sheep thieves in this drafting game.

Sheep cards add sheep, sheepdog cards herd sheep, and thief cards move the thieves who will steal any sheep they cross.

In Blueprints, you'll be drafting dice to secretly stack into your building.

After the reveal you will earn points, awards, and prizes.

3 rounds and the best architect wins!

In Pecunia, players are competing to recruit characters into their population in a world of worship, starvation, and struggle.

You can play characters to events or trigger the event which results in the end game getting closer and points/loss of population.

In Grand Opening! You're a restaurateur tasked with delivering a successful restaurant in Gourmet Town.

Quality is a given, so success lies in correctly managing the trends and opening restaurants at optimal times. Trends are affected by other restaurants in town

Kamakura Collection offers players to roam and sight see the town to have the best experience by collecting coins and travel memories.

Hitch a ride on the Rickshaw. Meditate at the Zen temple. Get lost in a bamboo grove. Come experience the beauty of Kamakura!

Hack Trick is a game of deduction and combinations where players generate numbers to finally obtain a valid password - a three-digit code with the same digits or with their sum being exactly 15.

By Mind Fitness Games
らピストル is a push-your-luck race game in which you draw stones from the bag to move forward and try to be the first to reach the wise man and become his disciple.

Checkpoint Charlie is a game of observation, deduction, and mental agility. Watch the suspects carefully and be the first to find out which of them is the chief of spies using the clues that you and the other investigators uncover.

Paris is a 2 player game where players are competing to provide the most well-lit buildings in the City of Lights in this square and polyomino tile placement game.

Beautiful postcards are included as game components.

Co-manage the journey of the Black Angel to the planet of Spe to restart Humanity in this epic sci-fi puzzler in which your actions will be managed and effect your personal board, the Black Angel, and space itself.

Pearl Games with Art & Graphic Design from @ianotooletweets
In Ritual, players are minions of an evil deity casting spells simultaneously, in a sort of prisoner's dilemma.

Cast same spell, everyone gets points.

Cast different spell alone, you get the points.

If all spells are different, then insanity will be gained.

Earth-Light is a 2 player abstract strategy game in which each piece has a unique movement that can be utilized

You win by claiming all of the opponent’s white pieces OR if your Earth reaches the innermost row, lose if you claim all the opponent’s black pieces

Complete the Atlas is a game of world exploration and trade.

Starting with 15th century Europe and the rest of the world blank, you will need to explore, placing tiles and building a unique world map that will be different each time you play.

Welcome To…

Design the most appealing 1950s neighborhood, with fences, parks, and swimming pools in this flip and write game.

Seikoro is a dice rolling, drafting and placement game in which players will be selecting pairs of dice and using these to place cubes onto constellation cards. Earn points by contributing to and completing constellations.

Corda is a game designed before I was even born. It is more of a solo puzzle than anything else, but you are trying to connect all 48 rhombs via their thick branches or thin vines.

A beautiful looking one from the legendary Reinhold Wittig and published by Edition Perlhuhn
In Uluru, players must dreambird puzzles individually and simultaneously, then review their results together. Each unfulfilled wish results in a penalty point.

The winner is the player who in the end has received the fewest penalty points.

Paper Tales is a simultaneous drafting game. Each turn, recruit units into your kingdom to shine in battle, generate great income, construct dominant buildings, and earn legend points.

But your units grow older each round until time takes them away.

In Botanical Lab, you're a botanist aiming to complete a research document on newly developed plants.

Develop new breeds and fertilizers through experiments

Keep notes on results from cultivation and observation

Advance your skills to aid in your experiments

In Coffee House, you’re a newspaper publisher. Gather news at coffee houses and periodically publish papers to establish yourself as most reputable newspaper in London.

Expand your understanding of various fields of study and keep track of publication trends.

In Dazzling Diceline, use your dice to perform actions while creating horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines to collect bonus tiles.

You need to anticipate what the other players will do and use your bonus tiles wisely.

Yggdrasil Chronicles is a long awaited re-imagining of the co-op Yggdrasil. This includes a saga book with a multi-game campaign and quite a few mechanical differences from the original.

Plus a ginormous 3D tree (not assembled in the pictures).

In Trick of Trip, is a a trick-taking game with an I-split, you-choose mechanic at the beginning of each round

Players draw 6 cards from the deck, and split them into two sets of 3 cards. One of the sets will be chosen by the player next to them and the other are kept

Snowblind is a press-your-luck risk-management dice game where 1-4 players take control of a polar expedition

The further you advance your flag, and the more men who survive the Antarctic winter at the end of the game, the more prestige your expedition receives

Kingdomino Duel is a 2 player Roll & Write version of Kingdomino. Domino by domino, fill in your map.
Entrust the territories of your kingdom to loyal dignitaries.

Gather favors from wizards in order to cast powerful spells.

Tepemek (I think), I couldn't find any information on this one, but it’s all in Russian and appears to be a children's story-telling game. The artwork is lovely. Does anyone have any information about it?
In Ice Flow players have 3 explorers and a rucksack.

On your turn, rotate or move an ice floe, then move one of your explorers and collect items.

Winner is the 1st to negotiate all the hazards and arrive in Siberia all 3 explorers intact.

By Ludorum Games
In Hidden Rooms, you are a child searching in darkness, your aim is to escape the maze.

But a monster roams, it follows a preset path unless it sees you.

Explore at most one new tile per turn.

You lose if the monster catches you or exits the maze before you.

Mississippi Queen is a classic Spiel des Jahres winner.

Players race their paddleboats down the Mississippi, picking up passengers along the way

Coal supplies are limited, so each ship's acceleration and maneuvers, and river flow must be carefully planned

By Goldsieber Spiele
Xtronaut apturing the real-world thrill and challenges of planetary exploration

The game is based on real planetary missions and rocket science. It also contains elements of politics and strategy that are inspired by the real-life situations that space missions face

Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town:

As a pizza delivery professional, your goal is to find a pizza and deliver it to the right house in town.

But beware, the mayor has the town full of ghosts, barriers, and mystic teleportation runes!

In Space Park, ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations. During your travels, gather exotic crystals and complete exploration badges.

Turn in your badges in at the mysterious Outpost 13 to prove yourself as the galaxy’s next great space explorer!

In Haithabu, you are viking traders living through the end of the Early Middle Ages.

Players take turns performing individual actions on a rondel and must react to market price changes and event dice that can cause complications.

Progress: Evolution in Technology

Bring a civilization from early antiquity and learn various technologies, moving progressively to the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution, and Modern Times and ending with today's Internet or Social Welfare.

Professor Evil owns a time machine, and he's been ripping off all the best historical items from times both past and future.

Your team has been charged with confiscating these items and returning them to their proper locations in time.

In Ponkotsu Factory, broken words are brought to the factory every day. Can you combine these letters and repair those words?

The master makes 4 letter words and scrambles them, passes them out to the players who then have to race to unscramble.

@itten_games_en @ichinenjumirai
Vintage is about the Douro River Valley of Portugal, the oldest demarcated wine producing region in the world. Each player will attempt to buy wine-growing estates and plant them with the best grape varieties to try and produce the highest quality port wine.

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