O'Toole, after decimating veterans affairs, has the gall to use his own paltry service as a political bargaining chip.

Using the military, it's members, it's logo and now its motto as political props is beyond disgusting. It's offensive to all who serve(d).
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O'Toole spouts about 12 years of service; while technically true it's a total misrepresentation of his military career.

University followed by the mandatory 5 years reg force (as a navigator). Then reserves & school AGAIN.

Reg Force 5 years
Student 7 years
O'Toole politicizes, & milks, what was relatively a pittance of service.

He received 2 degrees worth of free education for 5 years of service. 5 years, 3 postings within Canada. So basically years of ojt.

He is thisclose to stolen valour.
Maybe had he used his education to serve the country with those degrees I'd feel differently but he got it and ran away.

Then did this...
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I mean seriously.
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Then add this and it's absolutely disgusting
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Absolutely agree.
Cons are mimicking GOP.
It's intolerable.
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Canada's military is not partisan.

Canada's military members serve the current leader of the country, not a party.

Canada's military logo also has rules & regulations.
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