Penalties are back starting today, 28 September.

But it doesn't mean the fight to protect our rights and defend against bad job agency behaviour stops.

Read + share this thread to see which 'mutual' obligations you do and don't have to agree to. #KnowYourRights
STATEMENT: AUWU releases rights information to help protect unemployed workers as penalties are reintroduced

Access the statement and the rights info here:
Never sign your job plan right away. You have 48 hours to make sure it reflects your circumstances.

Make sure it includes any caring, parenting, study, work or other commitments. #KnowYourRights
Your job agency has to take into account your circumstances. You can renegotiate your plan at any time.

Make sure it reflects any caring, parenting, study, work or other commitments. #KnowYourRights
You can only be forced to do 'suitable' work if you don't have a valid reason to decline.

If your provider offers you a paid job that doesn't fit your circumstances call us on 1800 289 848 for help.

You can read more about what is 'suitable' here:
You don't have to do any 'mutual' obligations activities in person.

All appointments and Annual Activity Requirements must be available online or over the phone. #KnowYourRights
You have the option to attend appointments in person if you want to, but appointments and training must be available online or over the phone. #KnowYourRights
Work for the Dole is optional – whether it was already in your job plan or not.

You don't have to do Work for the Dole in the current phase of 'mutual' obligations. Your provider may suggest an alternative activity. #KnowYourRights
You might be able to reduce your 'mutual' obligations requirements if you study. Any course identified as ‘subsidies’ (in bold) on  is eligible + some other courses are too.

See our rights info for details:
JobSeeker + JobKeeper payments have been slashed – some ppl are now eligible for both.

If you work, the job agency must take this into account. If your job plan makes it hard to do your job (or vice versa), ask to renegotiate. Call us if they say no 1800 AUWU 4U (1800 289 848).
Today penalties are back for 'mutual' obligations.

You'll need to sign a job plan if you don't have one already – but don't do it straight away, take time to look it over.

If you aren't sure whether you *really* have to do what's in it, call us on 1800 AUWU 4U (1800 289 848).
Good news: if you had received demerits or were in a penalty zone before 'mutual' obligations were suspended, these have been reset. #KnowYourRights
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