There are two positions I can understand as regards how we should deal with #COVID19. The first is that we aim to eliminate it globally. The second is that we need to accept as a fact of life that it will join the >200 respiratory viruses in circulation (including 4 HCoVs).
Anything along the lines of 'zero #COVID19 but not quite' strikes me at best as uniformed, at worst as disingenuous. The most puzzling arguments to me are those stating we cannot acquire natural immunity to the virus, but a vaccine would ensure we did.
Elimination of #SARSCoV2 would obviously by far have been the best option. As an objective, it would have been in line with my professional background and attitude to life. Though, I'm afraid we've missed the window of opportunity to do so, a while ago.
Strategic thinking is not about mulling over the past, but about effectively dealing with current challenges. As such, I suggest to everyone we think hard about what to do now, rather than entertain pipe dreams about what we should have done then.
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