There have been 62 Omaha City Council members since 1957: 55 men and 7 women.

Betty Abbott (1965-1976)
Mary Kay Green (1977-1980)
Connie Findlay (D5 1981-1984)
Sylvia Wagner (D6 1981-1986)
Brenda Council (D2 1993-1996)
Jean Stothert (D5 2009-2012)
Aimee Melton (D7 2013-2020)
Betty Abbott was the first woman elected to the Omaha City Council in 1965. It has been 6 men and 1 woman for 34 out of the last 64 years; 7 men, 0 women for 26 years; and 5 men, 2 women for only 4 years (Connie Findlay & Sylvia Wagner 1981-1984).
A woman has never represented Districts 1, 3, or 4. It has been 23 years since Brenda Council represented D2, 7 years since Jean Stothert in D5, and 33 years since Sylvia Wagner in D6. Aimee Melton @MeltonforOmaha is D7's first woman representative on the Omaha City Council.
The next Omaha City Council primary election is April 6, 2021; the general election is May 11, 2021. Filing for candidates begins on December 1, 2020 and non-incumbents have until March 1, 2021 to complete the paperwork. More info
I hope this thread will inspire more women to run for office. I live in District 1, and I appreciate @PeteFestersen for his service, but I want a more diverse Omaha City Council in 2021. I support @CammyforCouncil D3, @Smolen4Omaha D4, @NaomiHattaway D6, and @Sara_Kohen D7.
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