any discussion about the logic of qanon is an exercise in futility, but one of the things that drives me insane is this idea of Q being so-named because he has Q clearance. I say this because my cousin has Q clearance
Now owing to the nature of any government clearance I can't say I *know* much about Q clearance because it's really just another term for Top Secret (plus I think he probably lies about his job sometimes), but I do know the basics, and here's why it's so funny to me.
See, Q clearance is restricted to one branch of government -- the Department of Energy. The Department of Energy is almost entirely concerned with nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, nuclear stockpiles, nuclear waste, and maybe sometimes electricity I guess.
I used to joke that my cousin builds bombs, but it would be more accurate to say that he makes sure the already-built bombs will still go off. So the vast majority of Q cleared people - this is the sort of thing that they work on, and they don't work in DC or near the president.
Like yeah, SOME Q cleared people work in DC, but most of them work in places like Y-12 where the Manhattan Project was. So the idea that a Q cleared person is the ONE GUY with the inside intel on the international satanist pedophile adrenochrome conspiracy is hilarious to me
I mean, I get it, it's good branding, and no one is going to check to see if like... Q clearance is a CIA thing. It *sounds* like a CIA thing, right? Q was the name of James Bond's R&D guy! Q is the secret thing!
I know looking for logic in qanon is like looking for reason in a bag of feral cats, but there is just something funny to me that no one ever goes "why... would a guy with Q clearance be the one to know all this? shouldn't he be like inspecting nuclear reactors or something?"
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