Armenian civilians in Artsakh (NagornoKarabagh) have been attacked by Azerbaijan, who is now running a disinformation campaign claiming it was Armenian aggression they were responding to. Their thug dictator, Aliyev, has blocked most social media in his own country to lie and...
.. control the narrative and of course has the support of another thug dictator, Erdogan of Turkey (whose "security forces" attacked Armenian-AMERICAN protestors at a rally IN the United States a few years ago and who still denies the Armenian genocide of 1915.)
To make this clear, Aliyev is accusing Armenia, a poor, landlocked DEMOCRATIC nation of 3 million people of aggressive acts against Azerbaijan, an oil rich, wealthy country of 10 million that is backed by Turkey, an enormous country of nearly 100 million people. BULLSHIT.
Armenia and Artsakh do no want war, Azerbaijan and Turkey want war and are using this moment, when the international community is busy dealing with a pandemic to start one.
Journalists MUST report on this story accurately. Do not say aggression on both sides. Armenia is responding to Azeri military aggression against civilians and their military.
The Armenian president has not blocked social media to spread state propaganda. He is not a dictator accused of human rights violations. The case could not be clearer. Please go to  & call on Congress to condemn these attacks.
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