September Clashes Number 001
27/09/2020 17:30 (GMT+1)


KIA: 16

WIA: 100+

Vehicle losses:
- 4x AD Vehicle (1x 9K33 Osa; 3x Tor-M2KM)
- 2x T-72
- 1x BMP-1 (damaged?)

- 2x Killed

At least 30x

WIA: Unknown

Vehicle losses:
- 5x T-72 MBT
- 4x Helicopters claimed shot down (1x confirmed)
- 1x IMR-3 Engineering Vehicle
- 3x BMP-2
- 15x UAV
- 6x Trucks
- 1x BTR-82
- 2x AZCAN APC (1x destroyed, 1 maybe damaged)

Civilian losses: Unknown
Casualties Armenia Azerbaijan
This is a thread

In the last 5 hours

Battle of Mount Mrav
Aze. attack stopped, heavy losses

Armenian Defense Army small counterattack
11 Azeri armoured vehicles captured

Another 13 (yes, 13) Azeri drones have been claimed shot down
If true, that would mean 28 total shot down
Keep in mind, Aze had in total just 36 drones

Turkey entered the show with it's F-16's and drones (this was said by Armenians officials)

One Armenian Leutenant Colonel, Sir Mehman Shirvanov, has been killed in action

Armenia claimed up to 410 enemy killed (and 81 Syrian mercs)
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