I have always been impressed by @ryanjespersen. His time working in #yegmedia has reinforced the importance of using your voice to create change. Our conversations were always respectful and I appreciate that he would highlight topics that didn’t receive a lot attention. #yeg
I’m concerned about the loss of so many people in our #yegmedia. Along with this change, we saw the loss of @staceybrotzel & @1RobWilliams who are fantastic. A few months before this, we lost @ScottYEGnewsguy. The loss of local voices covering local issues is troubling. #yeg
When local coverage is reduced, it’s harder to hold local leaders accountable. There’s fewer people around to fact check & ensure people know what is happening every day. I’d suggest we actually need far more people covering local issues because those issues impact you every day.
Let’s not forget that we still have some excellent people in our #yegmedia. There numbers may be smaller but they are still working hard to keep us informed. But these changes should also make us consider what we are doing as individuals to support local media. #yeg
No person in #yegmedia is perfect. They make mistakes like the rest of us. But in the rare occasions I’ve seen that happen, they usually apologize for their actions and make it right. I wish every person did that, especially elected representatives. #yeg #yegcc #ableg #cdnpoli
One last thought: consider not amplifying the messages of those who are going out of their way to rile people up. When you quote tweet their message, it reaches more people. If you want to comment on a bad take, take a picture of it and post your response with the picture.
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