PSA: Blind people use social media for most of the same reasons sighted people do. You won't know without asking or being told if you have blind followers on social media.

Do alt-text even if you don't think you have blind followers.
Twitter has an alt-text feature. You might need to enable it in your settings.

If you aren't sure how to write alt-text, this is a resource I really like:
If you're here anyway, my family is going through a really hard time. A month and a half ago my dad fell off a roof onto his face. He's currently in a vegetative state.

We need funds to support my mom and brother and some puppies. 
Note: GFM doesn't let us do alt-text on images. I try to say what images I'm including in the updates, but I wish I had more options.

The main image for the GoFundMe is my dad sitting in a restaurant booth smiling directly into the camera lens.
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