Tiktok lg rame debatin lgbtq+ stuffs, as a part of it, a newcomer(?) cuz i just came out, um, yes i am aware Indonesia will never accept lgbtq..and yes you can just respect us. I'm also kinda bothered when ppl who commented it's a sin to be lgbtq+, yes we know, you don't need-c-
to remind us, we are aware of that, but afterall before the labels, we are still human.. And its not only us who have sins..and please normalize shutting ur damn mouth if u dont have anything nice to say, you can give opinions in a polite way,not just straight up saying lgbtq -c-
is a sin, when we are aware of that because we live in a religon based country, dont use your beliefs and act of reminding as an excuse to give a hate speech. Thats all, i just wanted to speak my mind and feel a little bit at ease.
i still believe in God,i grow up in a religious family, being bisexual doesn't mean i don't believe in Him anymore, it became a habit to believe and pray to him. But at the same time I Don't wanna live my life being someone who isn't truly me. I'm a Catholic and bi. Respect that
Thankyou for listening to my ted talk :)
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