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there is a war going on in armenia right now. I woke up to the message that 1 kid and one woman are killed. We shot down two helicopters as well as three drones and we also destroyed THREE tanks.
Turkey attacked us.

I am simply asking you to spread awareness because our country is so so small and unknown and not talked about enough.

Here is a quick history lesson:
Armenia is one of the very first countries EVER. We have been around since 3500 BC. There are even old Greek myths about us. Weve had 4 kings, the most famous one is Tigran II also called Tigran The Great. Our country was way bigger.
All that is left now is the yellow area on the map. Most of this has been given to the Turks & Azeris by Lenin. Artshakh, however, was a very confusing part of our country. It lays close to our border with Azerbadijan but it is in +
+ the middle of Azerbadijan. It is mostly full of Armenians and it is a part of our country that is very important to us. Yet the Azeris and Turks want to take it from us. Mostly the Azeris, but the Turks are helping them happily.
We have had many wars about Artshakh and it is rightfully ours. We fought for that land, we died for that land. Azeris and Armos even signed a paper in 1994 that declared the end of the war. But they keep attacking us.
This is a very emotional subject to most Armos, Azeris and Turks and that is understandable. Because the amount that we have killed each other in history is ridiculous. My parents both had to flee their country. Armenians have +
+ formed little communities all around the world, one of the biggest in LA. We are everywhere and always manage to find each other and have each others back. Mind you, my parents are in their 40s and have experienced the Sovjet Union.
It wasn't even 40 years ago. Not even 40 years ago they had no idea what it was like in Europe because Russia gave them false info. They never learned ENGLISH at school!! And now they are here, missing their country, because they were +
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+ unsafe in their OWN country. Scared of another attack. Scared they'd see another one of their loved ones gone. Armenians are in a constant state of fear in their own country, because Turks and Azeris can attack +
+ whenever they please. Artshakh is ours. Azerbadijan can get their water elsewhere ! They already took half our land.
tw // death killing

I don't hate Azeris or Turks, in fact, I hate it how much my parents despise them bc i know nobody likes war. But I do hate your govs. Your presidents are MENTAL. They have publicly announced they want to kill us ALL.
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In Russia Azeris and Turks have been asking girls, underage as well, whether they are Armenian and if it was yes, they raped and killed them. People kill Armenians for no reason at all and get praised.
This isn't normal. This isn't okay. We are hatecrimed and killed. The Turkish gov and Azeri gov are actively promoting this. We dont want this, we really dont. We just got a new less corrupt gov in Armenia and are trying to rebuild our +
+ country. I am now kindly asking you to spread this and link petitions and gofundmes in the comments that could help at all.
If you are a Turk or Azeri, please, refrain from fighting. I don't hate you I really don't, I have nothing against you at all, but you deserve to know the truth. Your govs are lying to you. Matter of fact is, Azeris and Turks existed +
+ way later than us. You already have more than 3/4 of our original land and we dont want it back. Nobody likes war. I am sure u dont either. So if you come here and are going to comment something stupid denying that +
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+ your govs are actively promoting on hating on us for no reason and lying about your history, please kindly fuck off. The books you read have pictures of OUR architecture and you're being taught it's yours.
Thank you so so much if you read all the way through. Link petitions and gofundmes or other places to donate.
Please keep in mind I am only 15 and did little to no research and used what I could find quickly enough and the +
+ stories from my parents and what I learned in history classes. I might post a most detailed thread later sometime but I had to put this out as soon as possible.
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