Left gambled big on reaction to the virus, riots, impeachment, collusion/Mueller, etc. They have been turned up to 11 for years. But elections are about timing, and keeping things turned up to 11 for years requires spending huge amounts of cultural capital...
Digging deep enough to hit the sort of veins of fear & anger that they’ve allowed to flow through the populace is tricky. You never know where that sort of deep rooted emotion will land. Given enough time, people may come to very different conclusions about who they should blame.
The goal in rallying around Biden was to get voters to break for Ds in hopes of bringing back normalcy. But after your party has been the one screaming about legitimacy & taking active measures to crater the economy...we shall see, I suppose. And now Biden will have to debate...
Our elites have doubled down in denial (“Trump did this!—If only we can get rid of Trump we can get back to normal!”) but what sickens me is how many of these people don’t think any kind of break or national divorce is possible even as they whip their side into a hateful frenzy.
Very intelligent people assume w/o any basis that we can go on like this with these words about each other as evil and traitorous and beliefs that are truly diametrically opposed on the most fundamental of issues. As if just whipping that up into a frenzy will resolve the matter.
The reason these folks are stirring this pot is to protect what they have. But their methods will lead to the balkanization of America, and worse. And the irony is what they are pushing us towards will put what they have in more serious jeopardy than they’ve ever imagined.
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