What’s happening in Armenia? 🇦🇲 (Thread)
HISTORY: Artsakh (also known as Nagorno-Karabakh) is an indigenous Armenian land which was annexed by Stalin in 1923 to the newly formed Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan , despite having a 95% Armenian population who protested against it.
After the fall of the USSR, Armenians in Artsakh (who still made up majority of the population) fought for independence and the right to be reunited with Armenia. Azerbaijan was against this and the conflict turned into a war with multiple ethnic cleansings against Armenians.
Since then, Artsakh has considered an autonomous republic, however it is internationally recognised as Azerbaijani land. The border is unstable and there have been constant ceasefire violations within the last few decades by Azerbaijan.
Back in July of this year, at the peak of the pandemic, Azerbaijan violated the global ceasefire appeal and launched a military attack against Armenia, targeting the village of Tavush.
A kindergarten, mask factory, and civilian homes were bombed.
As of the morning of 27 September, Azerbaijan has been attacking and bombing Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh. The deaths of a mother and child have been reported among others.
The conflict is on the brink of becoming a war and educating yourselves and spreading information will be much appreciated. International recognition will help us a lot
Here’s some footage of Armenian children innocently playing in the shelters means to protect them from the bombs 🥺💔
To warn you in advance, there will be numerous Azeri bots in the comments of this thread spreading false information. Many of these sources can be seen as unreliable because they lack press freedom in their country and news is very one sided.
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