hi. so I got upset & angry yesterday, bc I’m tired of this cycle: 1. promoting the protest; everyone’s excited 2. only 3-4 ppl participate
4. Sungay comes & everyone uses the tag 5. Everyone tags me as a resource under their selfies; suddenly everyone “caring” about my activism.
why are y’all waiting until Mary’s tag to drop to use me as an opportunity to plug my stuff when you could’ve been here yesterday too? It’s even people who don’t follow me. So you know I exist, know my work, but don’t care enough to stick w/ me & join a protest or follow me? Huh?
My protests are on SATURDAY. Not SUNGAY. They’re not associated together, I don’t deserve to be somebody’s “resource” when I’m doing honest activism & I want to be taken seriously. My work deserves to be seen & appreciated on the day it’s designated with. Not some charity case.
It’s one thing to plug my stuff like that’s fine I appreciate the promotion. But I do not endorse it when it’s coming from people who didn’t even participate in the protest the day prior or NEVER HAVE JOINED ONE AT ALL and then have the audacity to claim they love what I do.
I’m not gonna sit here and beg for respect because respect is earned. But what I am gonna do is defend myself because this is not okay. My work deserves its own space and I’m tired of everyone suddenly joining & caring on a day that ISNT EVEN MY DAY & weren’t even FUCKING HERE.
I’m tired of feeling like I have to prove myself to be an activist. I’m tired of being an afterthought, as if I decided to do this shit for fun or something like no I work my ASS off. The Black community (& all BIPOC in general) deserve their OWN DAY & space to be acknowledged.
In short, if you use Mary’s tag today and plug me, I don’t wanna see it if you weren’t even fucking here yesterday etc like I will call you out. & any attitude I’m given will be blocked because what we’re not gonna do is be micro-aggressive when I’m just standing up for myself.
ok going on a tangent: every protest tag I do (everything is for the Black community &/or BIPOC) I literally have to beg for people to share it & say “this needs more attention” but a sungay tag gets dropped & EVERYONE joins in seconds & it’s on the trending page within an hour.
Before you say “it’s bc you have less followers”, Ya but I have 18k?? That’s actually a lot? There’s no reason it couldn’t get on the trending page. Dont put words in my mouth tho; idc about a tag trending. I’m pointing out this pattern & this behavior bc it sounds kinda racist.
Self serving people are in this community. They don’t want to do anything for a community they’re not part of. But “oh here’s a tag I can promote myself in? Perfect!” Like huh? me asking for a simple share so Black ppl &/or BIPOC can see a space for them & I’m asking too much?
I’ve said all I needed to. if u see ppl tagging me as a resource under their tweets I kindly ask you if you can ask these questions:

Do you follow her? Were you there for the protest? If you don’t & you weren’t there, how do you know her activism enough to plug her but not join?
and also let them know that I’m not a charity case, my work deserves to be seen and promoted on SATURDAY which is the designated day.
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