You know what we haven't done for a while? Bad science fiction covers!

Let's remedy that now. Come this way... #SundayMotivation
In the future there will be jumpsuits.

Neuromancien, by William Gibson. J'ai Lu, 1988. Cover by Barclay Shaw.
I think this is the musical theatre version...

Children Of The Lens, by E E 'Doc' Smith. Berkley, 1982.
Inappropriate spacewear alert...

Derai , by E C Tubb. Arrow, 1973.
The Best of Walter M. Miller, Jr. Pocket Books, 1980.
Cover by Mara McAfee.

"Best," mind you!
"Not now Janet, I'm doing a Decathlon..."

Jewel Of Tharn, by Jeffrey Lord. Macfadden, 1969.
Eggheads: always with the sex robots...

The Silver Eggheads, by Fritz Lieber. Four Square Books, 1966.
Star Wars speeder bikes just got real.

We Who Are About To... by Joanna Russ. Magnum Books, 1978. Cover by Geoff Taylor.
Nothing to see here Twitter, move along now...
"A future classic."

The Snow Queen, by Joan D. Vinge. Orbit Books, 1981. Cover by Peter Jones.
Does it contain Uranus jokes? What do you think!

Outerspace Sex Orgy by Arthur Faber. Barnaby Press 1970.
Lilac, mullets and M16s. This was the future they promised us...

Iduna's Universe, by E.C. Tubb. Arrow Books, 1985.
Those are some epic "who farted?" faces.

A Vision Of Beasts: The Second Kingdom, by Jack Lovejoy. Tor Books, 1984. Cover by Victoria Poyser.
Not Freudian. Nope.

The Secrets of Synchronicity, by Jonathan Fast. Signet Books, 1977. Cover by Boris Vallejo.
Soldiers, by John Dalmas. Baen Books, 2003.

You don't know man, you weren't there...
They won't notice...

Galaxy 666 by Pel Torro (aka the Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe). Tower Books, 1969.
Fangs For The Mammaries, edited by Esther Friesner. Baen Books 2010. Art by Clyde Caldwell.

I see what you did there Clyde...
The apocalypse: pants optional.

Mort En Catastrophe. Elvifrance, 1976.
More bad science fiction book covers another time.

Oh there's more, believe me...
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