"My opponent is senile and unable to perform basic human tasks like giving a speech, but also must be on performance-enhancing drugs because no human could achieve his ability at performing basic tasks like giving a speech"
It's all part of the heads-I-win-tails-you-lose reality distortion bubble for the base. "He is dumb and senile because I made a supercut of him stumbling over a word, but when you see any counterevidence of that claim, it is actually a conspiracy, don't believe your own eyes"
All of it is like this. All of it. That's what it's for.

E.g. "My opponent is an anarchist who wants to tear down government, but also a big-state socialist who loves big government, idk, throwing mud here, pick whichever one scares you most to justify your vote for me"
"Democrats actually hate Catholics which is a slippery slope to abolishing religion entirely, but also if you happen to hate Catholics and other religions, hey, Joe Biden is a Catholic and I'll also ban Muslims, so take your pick, whatever works, I don't care just want your vote"
"Democrats are bad because they made me shut down the economy, but also I am great because I shut down the economy faster than anyone, but also we should reopen it immediately, except that if doing so is bad I expressly disavow all blame which should be directed at the governors"
Hate Obamacare? Awesome, I abolished it because I am great. But also you need to vote for me so I can abolish it. And if you like bits of it, actually I did those bits. And my replacement is amazing, awesome, and invisible, so please read into it whatever things you want it to be
Just galaxylevel bullshittery on every single thing and amazingly somehow it works on people.
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