[Photo Thread] On a gloomy rainy Sunday afternoon, I attended the Taiwan's Youth Climate March. This event was organized by Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC) and various eNGOs. The weather was pretty bad for a rally, but the event had an impressive turnout of 500+ ppl.(1/9)
The crowd first gathered at the Legislative Yuan with some booths and speeches. Then we walked passed by the Presidential Hall to Ximen Station, rallied at the EPA, and then return to LY. Total distance is about 4km. This photo captures the scene at EPA. (2/9)
The rally joined force with the global #ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture and aimed to generate momentum to revise the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act (溫管法) in the coming months. The rally has 6 main demands: (3/9)
6 demands: 1) carbon neutral by 2050, 2) higher-level authority on climate governance, 3) a #GreenNewDeal for Taiwan, 4) capacity building for the public, 5) diversity in climate policymaking, and 6) more resources for climate research. (4/9)
The Nuclear MythBusters (核終) also attended the march with pro-nuclear signs. To me, they represent a strange case of pro-nuclear climate obstrutionism, very much a Taiwan local phenomenon. Majority of the crowd dont want to associate with them, but everything was peaceful.(5/9)
With eNGOs taking the lead, the broader civil society, including groups working on labor, marriage equality, migrant workers, UBI, human rights, etc., were all moblized. Nice to see such coalition. The industries were largely absent, to my dissappointment.(6/9)
I was thrilled to notice many non-Taiwanese participants, many from SE Asian countries. There's good sense of global solidarity there. (7/9)
As for the politicians, DPP's Sun-Han Hung was the only legislator showed up. Two city councilors, Zih-Ci Liao (NPP) from Hsinchu, and Yu-Fen Huang from Taipei (only a short appearance) also attended the rally. My photo with councilor Liao. (8/9)
I was thrilled to see ~10 of my students in the march. They give me a lot of hope! [End of Thread] (9/9)
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