Who started war in Karabakh
It is how #Azerbijan🇦🇿 #Armenia🇦🇲 War have begun. Armenia took control of Azerbaijani territories and conducted ethnic cleansing towards Azerbaijanis. There are 4 @UN Security Council resolutions demand withdrawal of 🇦🇲militias
Here is video. It is 30 years that 🇦🇲 have not realized these resolutions and continue occupation of Azerbaijani lands and deprived 1 million people from their hometowns and villages. How this new escalation erupted? Since taking power #NikolPashinyan provoced war.
In July Armenian attacked another part of Azerbaijan Tovuz district where energy pipelines pass to #Europe and killed Azerbaijani officers. https://en.trend.az/azerbaijan/politics/3269393.html
On 27 September Armenian troops once again shelled Azerbaijani civilians as a result Azerbaijan use @UN article 51 to de-occupy its occupied territories by Armenian forces.
Azerbaijan conduct military anti-terrorist operations in its internationally recognized territories and have full right for this. We want peace then #StopArmenianAggression and withdraw its troops from Azerbaijan.
@fahrettinaltun thanks for support, I think this thread could be useful to demonstrate who is occupier in Karabakh?
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