William Cooper (RIP), the man who predicted 9/11


If you’re not aware who Bill Cooper is then I suggest you read this thread and read some of his literature.
(1) For those of you who dont know him, William Cooper was a veteran who served in Vietnam.

He hosted a radio show called The Hour of the Time which dealt with a wide range of topics from alternative theories to the New World Order.
(2) On June 28th 2001, he spoke about a false flag attack which would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden.

He states the following as one of the main goals:

“....to take the guns and freedom away from the American people... to bring about one world socialist totalitarian government".
(3) On November 5th 2001, he was killed at his home by Apache County sheriff's deputies.

For those who may not be familiar with his 9/11 warning:
(4) He also wrote the book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, which is a MUST READ !

This is an excerpt from his book, Behold a Pale Horse, 1991.

(6) A search for the terms "CIA Orion" will pull up results for MK Ultra but interestingly, there are no actual mentions of the word Orion.

Sure enough, after each incident, there is an outcry to further disarm the American people. https://www.history.com/topics/us-government/history-of-mk-ultra
(7) He goes on to say that antidepressant drugs were also a factor in these multiple victim public shootings which we also know to be true.
(9) TPTB have realized that the media has the same ability, to influence weak minded people simply by the use of repetition and emotional triggers:
(10) Every single person who researches conspiracy or is engaged in the conspiracy community owes Bill Cooper a debt of gratitude.

He started it, and he didn't want people to lap up what he said without thinking.

He ALWAYS encouraged people to do their own research.
(11) Bill Clinton said that Cooper was the most dangerous man in America.

Cooper exposed secret societies.

He had someone infiltrate the Freemasons and work up to the 32nd degree before exposing himself on air during the hour of the time as a plant intent on exposing
(12) Freemasonry.

(I am not anti-mason btw... Your garden variety mason is generally one of the most upstanding men you will meet.

I have a problem with anyone of means that can effect society on a grand scale meeting and deciding social policy in secret,
(13) and THAT is what Cooper exposed).

Cooper predicted 9/11 and he predicted that Bin Ladin would be framed.

For that he was shot 5 times in the back by Federal Agents delivering a warrant.

And then they let his body sit and bake in the hot sun for half a day before he was
(14) declared dead.

Emergency services were never called.

He could have been alive after being shot 5 times in the back, but we won't know that because he was left until the murder scene could be investigated.
(15) He was a true patriot, a great man, and an even better American.

God bless him.

William Milton Cooper RIP.

Cheers Bill.

(Behold A Pale Horse Lecture)

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