This video now floating around Telegram claims to show Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan and it awfully looks like it.
We need to geolocate this.
Let’s try and get this confirmed or squashed today. Telegram is hopeless for trying to confirm things. One description of the video wants to point out that Azeri soldiers are also Muslim (hence the shouting) and that the woman is wishing success to Azerbaijan’s soldiers.
Alright first thing I want to look at is this car. An Israeli-made AIL Storm. This is definitely an Azerbaijani vehicle.
Second thing I want to point out is what appears to be an AK-pattern rifle. Unfortunately the quality of this video is garbage so it’s impossible to see what it is. But if we could see it, it would quickly answer our questions.
Twitter has downgraded this video for some reason. Don’t know why. @MaidenTower on Telegram has it in slightly better quality. I’ll be using their video for screenshots.
Let me just say. Lots of ☝️
People will try and use that as proof of Syrians being there. But Muslims doing Muslim things isn’t proof of pretty radical people from Syria being there.
And now the uniforms. Which would tell us a lot of information if we could actually see a lot.
What we can see.
-lots of berets. Not exactly the head attire of a professional force going to battle
-what appears to be bright patches on their uniforms
-dark green uniforms
Right now, I’m of the belief that this is the first video of Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan. Using pickup trucks to move to the front. Screaming Allahu akbar the whole way. Berets on their heads? I reckon it’s gonna be Sultan Murad or some other Turkmen group.
Unfortunately this video doesn’t give us undeniable evidence however. We will need to wait for more to come out. Which it will. Soon. Especially if these men are being used like I think they’d be used.
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