1/3 Thread:

Some of my talking points for this week (Sept 27-Oct 3):

1. Autumn-Winter surge may be starting now in the US, possibly we're already seeing this in upper Midwest, WI, ND, SD, IA
2/3 Thread:

2. The cold states may be especially susceptible this fall, reasons of "double indemnity" (idea from @PolicyLabCHOP):

People indoors more + Higher virus inoculum, virus does better in the cold...
3/3 Thread:

3. Take whichever vaccine you can as they become available in 2021. My reason: Priority to get some virus neutralizing antibodies into your system. Even if it's not the best vaccine, it's likely you can get boosted with better vaccines later in the year or in 2022.
Only exception might be live virus vaccine from Merck & Co. If you already had a previous vaccine giving you VNA it may prevent live virus in the Merck vaccine from replicating? I have no evidence for this, just guessing. But for now, take whatever vaccine you can get in 2021
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