#AzerbaijanIsNotAlone because they’ve always supported #Pakistan against Indian occupation of #Jammu #Kashmir & we’ve always supported them against Armenian occupation of #Nagorno #Karabakh

Those who wish to learn more about our historical ties, read section 5 of my piece below: https://twitter.com/khurramdehwar/status/1262688640175611904
5th reason why Pakistan supports #AzerbaijanIsNotAlone is because it’s in #Pakistan’s interests to maintain a robust relationship with #Azerbaijan, being the 64th richest country in the world.

It’s good to have rich friends who staunchly support you.

/5 https://report.az/en/business/rating-azerbaijan-is-the-richest-country-in-region/
As far as Armenia is concerned, they have consistently supported the illegal Indian occupation of #Jammu & #Kashmir in flagrant violation of the UN Security Council’s resolutions.

Hence making is easier for Pakistan to support #AzerbaijanIsNotAlone.

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