Heavy clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia since morning.

Martial law already announced in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Both sides blaming themselves for the escalation.
Armenian Ministry of Defense shares the video showing destruction of Azerbaijani T-72 tank.
Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense claims their forces captured strategic hills and 6 villages in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and its Turkish counterpart Çavuşoğlu held a phone call today to discuss the clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Turkish Ministry of Defense expressed condolences to Azerbaijan and its people after today's clashes with Armenia. https://twitter.com/tcsavunma/status/1310155068990271488?s=19
Martial law announced in Armenia.

Armenia urged its citizens to prepare to 'defend sacred homeland.'

Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense released the video showing strikes against Armenian targets.

Notice the Bayraktar TB2 HUD.

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Increased movement of Turkish airlifters to Azerbaijan three days ago. https://twitter.com/Archer83Able/status/1309109986216366082?s=19
Turkish surveillance/UAV activities near the border with Armenia three days ago. https://twitter.com/Archer83Able/status/1309210278735773696?s=19
Iranian Foreign Ministry called Armenia and Azerbaijan to immediately cease fire and begin negotiations.

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Turkish President Erdogan: We call on the whole world to stand with Azerbaijan in its struggle against occupation and persecution.

From Armenia's official twitter.
Azerbaijani Parliament announces curfew will be declared in Baku, Ganja, Goygol, Yevlakh and some regions from tonight due to the current military escalation.

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Deputy Defense Minister of Armenia says 16 Armenian soldiers killed and more than 100 injured so far in the latest round of clashes with Azerbaijan.

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More footage of drones owned by Azerbaijan (presumably Bayraktar TB2) targeting the equipment of Armenian forces.
Armenian PM Pashinyan held a phone call with Russian President Putin.

The aftermath of the alleged shotdown of Azerbaijani UAV in Stepanakert region of Artsakh.
Armenian Ministry of Defense published the video showing the strikes on Azerbaijani military vehicles.
Azerbaijani convoy suffered substanial damage.
NATO 'deeply concerned' by reports of military hostilities between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabach conflict zone, urges sides to "immediately cease hostilities, which have already caused civilian casualties."

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Azerbaijani strike on what has been described as Armenian ammunition depot.
Armenian Defense Ministry said it was checking information about Syrian National Army militiants allegedly participating in clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh on the side of Azerbaijan.

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People in Armenia lining up to join the armed forces as moblization in the country is ongoing.
Sputnik Armenia published photos from one of the towns in Nagorno-Karabakh. There's almost a total blackout.
President of Artaskh stated Turkish F-16s are taking part in the fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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UN Secretary General Guterres will hold telephone conversations with the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan to call them for a ceasefire.

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Azerbijani BMP-2s destroyed and captured by Armenia after clashes near the Line of Contact in Nagorno Karabakh earlier today.
Azerbaijani strikes against 3 Armenian 9K35 Strela-10 short-range air defense systems.
Azerbaijan Airlines announced all airports of the Republic of Azerbaijan will be closed for regular passenger flights until September 30.

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Trump: The US is looking at the violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan "very strongly."

Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Armenia is deliberately targeting the civilian population population & infrastructure of Azerbaijan. - statement
Armenian Health Ministry says hospitals stopped routine patient admission due to martial law.

Only those in need of emergency care will be admitted, the rest will be discharged.

Constant flow of the ambulances from Nagorno-Karabakh towards Yerevan.
Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense published yet another video of a drone strikes against Armenian forces. 9K33 Osa short-range air defense systems were targeted.
WARNING: Graphic content.

Casualties on Azerbaijani side after tonight's clashes along the Line of Contact in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Artsakh Ministry of Defense published the names of 15 additional servicemen killed in the fighting with Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijani drone strike against the Armenian T-72 tank.
Azerbaijani troops near the Line of Contact in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Stepanakert, Republic of Artsakh: civilians hiding in a bomb shelter as the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues to escalate.

📸 Areg Balayan and Karapet Sahakyan
#BREAKING: Azerbaijan declares partial mobilization after president of the republic Aliyev signed the decree.

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Armenian Ambassador to Russia announced Yerevan is not going to ask CSTO for support.

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TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy thermobaric MLRS of the Azerbaijani army firing on Armenian positions in Nagorno Karabakh.
Armenian Ministry of Defense says the city of Martuni came under artillery shelling.

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President of Azerbaijan Aliyev held a video conference with the members of the Security Council.
Presumably the remains of an Azerbaijani UAV shot down near Vardenis in Armenia.
According to Sputnik Armenia, Ministry of Emergency Situations decided to close the Sotk-Karvachar highway leading to Artsakh for safety reasons.
Footage from the Armenian Ministry of Defense showing attacks against Azerbaijani troops.
Yet another video of Bayraktar TB2 drones operated by Azerbaijan targeting Armenian T-72 tanks.
Kremlin on the possibility of increasing Russia's combat readiness in light of the situation in Karabakh: there's no talk about military options now.

Kremlin: Russia ready to mediate in resolving the situation in Karabakh, given the good relations with both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

For the second time today, air raid siren activated in the city of Stepanakert in Artsakh.

source: Telegram Kotsnews
Artsakh authorities report about 28 servicemen killed during clashes today.

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Armenian Minister of Defense Tonoyan arrived at the command post of the Artsakh Defense Army in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Russia called on the other countries to not interfere in the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

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Armenian Ambassador to Russia announced Yerevan currently working on plans for the evacuation of the civilian population from Nagorno Karabakh.

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One more photo of the rocket from BM-30 Smerch heavy MLRS, reportedly launched by Azerbaijani forces, which landed near the settlement in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Armenian forces struck some Azerbaijani armor in southeastern Karabakh.
Some chatter within Russian telegrams that Russian PMCs are ready to move to Nagorno-Karabakh and support Armenia "as soon as the signal arrives."
Armenian Ambassador in Moscow said Yerevan ready to ask Russia for additional military assistance, but so far there is no such need.

Unknown aircraft (ICAO: EDD006) from Ganja Airport heading east over Azerbaijan.
Russian President Putin and Armenian PM Pashinyan held another phone conversation today. https://twitter.com/EmbassyofRussia/status/1310565969073442816?s=19
Armenian President Sarkissian: We will not allow the Turks to commit genocide against us again.

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Armenian Ambassador in Moscow told RIA Novosti Armenia will use Iskander ballistic missile system if Turkish F-16s will appear over Nagorno Karabakh.
Erdogan's advisor to RIA: Turkey does not see the need to send its military to Karabakh yet.
UAV hovering over WarGonzo reporters as they are filming the reportage near the frontlines in Nagorno-Karabakh.

As one of the crew members clarified, it's not the Turkish Bayraktar TB2, but most likely an Israeli-made suicide drone owned by Azerbaijan.
The results of Azerbaijani shelling in the town of Khojavend in southeastern Karabakh, around 5km from the frontline.

source: Telegram Kotsnews
Sounds of war near the frontlines in southeastern Karabakh.

Some really unique materials from WarGonzo & Kotsnews telegrams as almost all footage we saw so far came either from the Azerbaijani or Armenian Ministry of Defense.
Armenian Defense Ministry claims around 370 soldiers killed and 22 tanks destroyed on the Azerbaijani side so far.

I suspect those numbers are overstated to keep morale high. Nevertheless, high casualty toll is feared on both sides, as clashes doesn't seem to be calming down.
Reports about new, large-scale offensive launched by Azerbaijan in the northern and southern Karabakh.
Reuters now reporting the story about Syrian mercenaries deployed by Turkey in Azerbaijan. https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1310596467543937024?s=19
Press secretary of the Artsakh President claims shootdown of an Azerbaijani warplane over Karabakh.

No evidence provided so far.
WARNING: Graphic content.

Bodies of Azerbaijani soldiers loaded on truck after repelled attack near Matagis.

The real face of war.
Armenian military post at the frontline in Karabakh captured by Azerbaijani forces. Several casualties on Armenian side.
84 Armenian soldiers confirmed killed throughout the two days of fighting with Azerbaijan. Numbers released by the Armenian Ministry of Defense, in reality might be even higher.

No official data on the casualties released by the Azerbaijani side, I suspect they are also big.
Armenian Defense Ministry: The use of TOS, Smerch and other large-caliber systems [by Azerbaijan] changes the philosophy and the scale of mil ops, elevating them to the new level of escalation.
Armenian Defense Ministry announced Azerbaijani forces opened fire on Armenian military unit in Vardenis. - that's the territory of the Republic of Armenia.
Allegedly this is the bus targeted by Azerbaijani Armed Forces near Vardenis in Armenia.
Armenian Defense Ministry published the video, according to the them, of two Azerbaijani helicopters downed by its forces.

Hard to tell what type of machine is actually burning there because of the small number of the details shown in the footage.
Azerbaijan MoD: Information spread about the alleged shooting down of a helicopter belonging to the Azerbaijani Air Force is disinformation. We note that the Azerbaijani Army did not use helicopters in today's operations.

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Azerbaijani suicide drone strike on Armenian positions.
Azerbaijani ambassador in Russia told RIA that not a single Azerbaijani bomb fell on the territory of Armenia proper.
Turkish FM Cavusoglu: There is only one solution to this problem - Armenia will withdraw from 'the occuppied territories.'

Iranian Foreign Ministry rejects media reports about weaponry and military hardware transported via Iran’s soil to Armenia.

The secretaries of the Armenian and Russian security councils discussed the escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh by phone.

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Russia's Kremlin: Statements of military support to the participants in the Karabakh conflict only add fuel to the fire, we call on Turkey to help a peaceful settlement.

Kremlin: Moscow is closely following what is happening in Karabakh to determine further steps.

Armenian air defenses shot down an aerial object over the skies of Karabakh.

Looks like some kind of an UAV to me.
Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: According to our intelligence, Armenian S-300 air defense missile systems have been removed from their positions and are moving in the direction of Karabakh.

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Armenia says Turkey's assistance to Azerbaijan in Karabakh destabilizes the situation 'in the CSTO area of ​​responsibility.'

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Russian war correspondents at Armenian artillery position near Martakert in Karabakh, Azerbaijani BM-21 Grad fire came near them.
Azerbaijani rocket artillery firing on the Armenian positions in Nagorno Karabakh.
#BREAKING: Armenian Defense Ministry said Turkey is carrying out direct aggression against Armenia.

#BREAKING: Armenian Ministry of Defense says Turkish F-16 from Ganja Air Base shot down Su-25 attack jet of Armenia. Pilot reportedly killed.

#UPDATE: Armenian Ambassador in Moscow told RIA that Yerevan has not yet applied to the CSTO, but the topic is being discussed after the reports about Turkish F-16s being used in conflict.
A senior Turkish official speaking to Bloomberg denied the reports that Turkish F-16 has shot down Armenian Su-25.

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Also Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defense denies that Turkish F-16 shot down an Armenian warplane.

Armenian MoD press secretary @ShStepanyan: Тoday, at around 10:30 am, Turkish F-16 fighters took off from Ganja airport in Azerbaijan and ensured the delivery of bombing and missile strikes against settlements and ground units of the Armenian Armed Forces.
Armenian MoD press secretary @ShStepanyan: During this period, Armenian air defenses carried out missile fire. During performing a combat mission under anti-aircraft fire and the ensuing air battles, the Turkish fighter shot down a Su-25 jet in the Armenian airspace.
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