#PDXProtest Community:

We have a community member in crises and we need your help to locate them. Do you have a vehicle & a buddy & are you willing to be a part of a search & rescue team? A vehicle but no buddy? Free time but no ride?

Please signal boost this! DM if available!
We will need help also coming up with a thorough list of parks in the city and then working out in radius. We will also need help tracking and coordinating which parks have already been scouted by car or on foot. https://twitter.com/tuckwoodstock/status/1310151461481840640
Got a good stream of drivers coming in. Would love if anybody is up and willing to get picked up to go with, we should be out alone with chuds still roaming. I’m finishing getting dressed to head out.
Getting coordinators online and connected and then will be supporting linking drivers with locations to scout and last descriptions
Alright comrades, we’ve got a team of drivers coming together and a small number of coordinators right now.

Could use support with coordination/dispatch from afar.

When you DM, please send your signal number & if you can help with

- coordination
- driving
- buddy
Give me a moment on the exact location, but there’s a parking lot behind the Lloyd mall across from the safeway where there’s plenty of lighting and folks can gather. It’s getting more and more coordinated. Thanks for being patient. Address and more signal adds coming soon b
This is the parking lot where I’m headed with a comrade: 1016 NE Weidler St

I honestly have never done this before but I wish that if I were in this state someone would stay up looking for me. I’ve got a blanket & flashlights & we’ve got a community of power.
Hi everyone! Update: A friend has just gotten a reply from Jasper. For certain reasons, they don’t know exactly where they drove to or wound up. But we’re trying to figure that out right now. https://twitter.com/addriblack/status/1310176160777674755?s=21
Further update: Two comrades (one a medic) are on their way to Jaspers location right now! I want to give a big thank you to all the community members who immediately mobilized to help find a comrade in need. Let this be a reminder to us all to hold each other a little tighter.
Having never met Jasper and heading home now, I’ll leave it to them what details about tonight they’d like to share with the public. We should respect their autonomy & privacy during what are hard times for us all. But they are communicating actively with friends en route.
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