Thread - #AIMSI Statement: Clinical preference has always dominated the delivery of care to pregnant people in Ireland. (1)
The National Maternity Strategy and The Standards for Better Safer Maternity Care offered service users a gilimmer of hope that their care might be standardised, autonomy honoured and pregnant people actually put at the centre of their care. (2)
The existing power brokers did everything they could to ensure the NMS was sidelined, so that power and control would remain under local unit control and continue unchallenged by service users or central government. (3)
The pandemic has removed any small concessions it departures from this modus operandi.
Ireland has a catalog of National Obstetric Guidelines. , AIMSI provided consultation for some. These evidenced based guidelines rarely translate into best practice.
Localized policy can pick and choose how it interprets and implements recommendations. No accountability. No equity. No governance. No Maternity Strategy (6) #MaternityReform #aimsireland #WasAnyoneListening #QualityNotSympathy #WhoseNeedsAreBeingMet #ButNotMaternity #maternity
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