BREAKING - There are reports of serious clashes between Azerbaijan & Armenia. Multiple casualties, including civilian. The Armenian ministry of defense says that they have shot down two helicopters and two UAVs — Internet outages confirmed throughout Azerbaijan.
The Armenian MoD has realesed footage of a burning Azerbaijani tank, reportedly after Armenian targeting.
Serious clashes reported along four points in the Nagorno Karabakh region ( @NKobserver)
At least 3 Azerbaijani tanks has been destroyed. Multiple casualties reported on both sides.
BREAKING -- The Armenian government has officially declared martial law and "full mobilisation of manpower" amid clashes with Azerbaijan.
UPDATE - Multiple casualties have been confirmed among civilians & serviceman on both sides. One child has been killed on the Armenian aide. Serious clashes ongoing, casualty figures expected to rise
At least 10 Armenian serviceman has died, officials confirm. The German news outlet DPA is reporting that everyone over the age of 18 in Nagorno-Karabakh has been asked to "prepare for war"
BREAKING - The Armenian MoD has released a new video of two Azerbaijani T-72 tanks taking direct ATGM hit ( @301_AD)
Reported pictures of what seem to be an Azerbaijani Mi-8 helicopter shot down by Armenian SAMs ( @301_AD)
BREAKING - The Azerbaijani State Service for Mobilization and Conscription thanks citizens for their will to volunteering but says "no need for it right now" but reserve military officers may be summoned to local structural units of the Service ( @cavidaga)
NEW - The Turkish FM Cavusoglu has talked with the Russian FM Lavrov over phone to discuss "Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan"
NEW - Russia is calling for an immediate ceasefire
Reported footage of Armenian tanks heading through Stepankert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh towards the frontline with Azerbaijan.
BREAKING - The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence says that they have "liberated" a number of strategic heights in Karabakh, including multiple villages
Pictures of Armenians injured in today's intense clashes with Azerbaijan
Possible Turkish military UAV tracking over Armenia 👀
NOTE: Azerbaijan launched a ground invasion approximately 2 hours ago. This is why they are reporting that multiple villages has been "liberated"
Azerbaijan is claiming that they have captured 6 Armenian-held villages in Karabakh. These reports have not been confirmed by Armenia.
BREAKING - The Press secretary of the Armenian minister of defence says that the Azerbaijani MoD claim that they have captured 6 Armenian-held villages are "not true"
BREAKING - Turkey vows support to Azerbaijan with 'all our means' after Karabakh clashes, According to the Turkish Defene Minister ( @ragipsoylu)
BREAKING - The spokesperson for the Armenian ministry of defense claims that Azerbaijan has lost "4 helicopters, 15 drones and 10 tanks".
BREAKING: The Azerbaijani National Assembly will gather for a "extraordinary meeting" at 4pm Baku time, approximately 40 minutes from now ( @Liveuamap)
Footage released by the Azerbaijani MoD shows drone strikes against Armenian targets
BREAKING - The Prime Minister of Armenia has called for a meeting in the Armenian Security Council due to the situation in Karabakh. Serious clashes between Armenia-Azerbaijan are ongoing
BREAKING - The Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan is reporting that so far, 14 Azerbaijani civilians has been injured.

The Azerbaijani national assembly is currently gathered for a "extraordinary meeting"
Earlier reports of internet outages across Azerbaijan has been confirmed by NetBlocks.
Armenian PM pashinya are now addresing the nation through his FB live. Updates on what he is saying can be found in the thread below
There are Videos and unconfirmed reports claiming that Turkısh-backed Syrian mercenaries are being transferred to the frontline in Azerbaijan to fight against the Armenian army.

❗️This has not been confirmed❗️
BREAKING: The Armenian president Pashinyan says that "Azerbaijan has declared war on the Armenian people" -- KFM936.
Great thread by . @NotWoofers on the video circulating claiming to show Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan.
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