Heavy fighting between Azeri and Armenian forces along the Nagorno-Karabakh frontline.
Armenian MoD footage shows Azeri tanks burning.
More footage of what looks like a deadly morning for Azeri forces.
Several T-72 getting destroyed.
#Armenia #Azerbaijan
And here comes the Azeri army, destroying multiple Armenian mobile radar installation with what looks like Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, blinding the enemy.
Each of the field radars has a much higher military value than the T-72 cannon fodder tanks ...
Armenia confirms 16 KIA and more than 100 WIA among its troops.
- MoD in Yerevan
Armenia shows the destruction of what looks like Azeri BTR-60 and Ural trucks.
And Azerbaijan shows the destruction of a covered Armenian vehicle in a fighting position as well as an abandoned convoy of BMP-1 or 2.
Extremely graphic footage.
In this battle alone, the Azeri army lost two BMP-2 and some 8 soldiers during its offensive in #Karabakh today.
2 more "Osa" air defence systems, destroyed by Azeri drones - probably Bayraktar TB2.
Another two Osa (Nato code name SA-8 "Gecko") of Armenia getting destroyed by Azerbaijan.
Turkish ammunitions seem to be 100% precise and "invisable" for the old Russian systems.
Turkish drones of the Azeri armed forces destroying Russian tanks (T-90?!?) of the Armenian armed forces.
Alleged images from this morning.
Azerbaijan using the TOS-1 thermobaric MLRS vs. Armenia.
Seems they are serious this time in capturing Nagorno Karabakh.
Azerbaijan destroyed two more Armenian T-72 main battle tanks with Turkish-made TB2 drones.
Armenian army posts ATGM attack, missing Azeri truck & mortar attack, missing Azeri tanks and troops.

Pure description: Reminds of of the few days, Turkey showed what it could in Idlib province - 20th century tech (Arm) vs. 21st century tech (Az).
Azeri TB2 drones destroy an Ural truck, resupplying a D-30 artillery piece as well as another active (and yet fully blind) SA-8 air defence system.
And if your thought, Azerbaijan is using modern precise weapons only, I have to disappoint you.
New footage shows 2A36 Giatsint-B from the Soviet 70s, firing with an accuracy - well - of the Soviet 70s.
Armenian forces destroyed what I would say are two Azeri BMP-1 in this video.

Armenian forces firing D-30 (2A18) artillery pieces, which I never saw so deeply dug into the ground.
Of course, this is Soviet technology from the 70s as well.
Grafic(!) video with "cool" music shows Armenian forces shooting and killing several Azeri troops, while they are withdrawing after unsuccessfully attacking a #Karabakh military position.
Armenian forces shell Azeri base with artillery, apparently hitting an armored vehicle, which then explodes.

Geolocation of an Azeri drone strike on an Armenian tank, 1 km west of the village of Qaraxanbayli which Azerbaijan claimed it captured from Armenia two days ago.

#Breaking #Update
Armenia shot down an - hold your breath - Antonov An-2 of the Azeri air force near the town of Xocavənd in Martuni region (northern #Karabagh).
I was asking myself for hours, what kind of tailplane this is.
Armenia claims downing several Azeri helicopters and drones.
Footage is hard to verify.
Dear Turks.
No. It's not the same video.
I know, you support one side, but could you please keep your smart minds switched on?!
Thanks a lot!
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