If you follow me and have paid attention to my journey at all, you’d know that I’m die hard in network marketing (multi level marketing) what most people think are pyramid schemes. So I’m here to say, that I do not at all blame anyone for thinking the reputation defines it.
So before I do this, disclaimer, I do not give two fucks about what you think about me and why I’m doing this. My success in the industry can talk for me if you don’t think my words are valid.
But I think that in a world where opportunity is seemingly scarce, im telling you that it’s not. There’s just people out that think it is because all quitters blame everything and anything other than themselves.
So I think that while everyone likes to shit on an industry that’s created more revenue than almost anything other than real estate, I find it important that I at least make an effort to create awareness and education on the industry based on experience. Good and bad. Fair?
So for the next, however long. Whenever something good or bad comes to my head that I think people should know about I’ll post on this thread so before going into the industry, you can look at this thread and you’ll find anything you wanna know.
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