Julian Assange would have more govt/public support if he was British. He would have more legal rights if he was a US citizen. But he's only an Australian, and his own govt won't speak up for him.

Australia is still a subservient colony & Julian is a victim of colonial racism.
Many Australians (and Kiwis, Sth Africans, etc) who have lived in Britain will be familiar with this subtle colonial racism.

Brits used to ask me where I was from, just so they could confirm how I should be pidgeon-holed in their mind.
Of course some Aussies do much the same thing to visiting "Poms". But in Julian's case it's a stark reminder that we Australians don't control our foreign policy, we fight US wars, we host US troops, our Governor General serves the Queen, who is still our nominal leader.
A real country would not allow an innocent citizen to be tortured and persecuted like this, especially a journalist jailed in an "allied" country.

Not even @AusRepublic will speak up for Assange: they want to get rid of the GG but keep us under #5eyes control. What's the point?
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