#Hezbollah has been the main opponent of reaching any deal with Tel Aviv, demanding the demarcation of land and maritime borders simultaneously. The Iran-backed group softened its stance after the Beirut explosions and popular protests.

The main sticking points have been:
• Lebanon wants demarcation of land + maritime borders together
• Lebanon wants UN-headed talks with US participation/observation. Israel has been against 🇺🇳mediation
🇱🇧 does not want a timeline for final agreement, while Israel does
Three different US envoys attempted to reach a deal (Hoff, Hochstein, Satterfield). Rex Tillerson also attempted to step in, but that was short lived and empty handed. Deal now would ONLY be the framework for actually negotiating the border.

David Schenker took over the mediation efforts in 2019 and was more aggressive/stern with both sides.

Having been following this closely since 2016, it is not the first time both sides say the “deal for a deal” is almost complete.
But there seems to be movement from both sides this time around. It remains unclear now if #Hezbollah will be pressured by Tehran to renege/wait for #USElection2020 after seeing US-brokered deals btwn Arab countries and Israel.

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