Since 2016, when the British Media found out that Harry was dating Meghan they have attacked, belittled & printed lies about her.

This continues today even after leaving the UK and there seems to be no end in sight.

Why is this the case?
Many claimed it's just who they are and that they do it to all other Royal Spouses but while the other spouses have had their fair share of negative headline, none have ever faced the vitriol that Meghan has.

First of all none of the other spouses are biracial to beginning with.
Second even if they did it doesn't make it right and no one should be using this as an excuse. Wrong is wrong and attacking and belittling any Royal spouse in my book is just plain wrong.

To return to the subject of the attack on Meghan, as previously mentioned, this started
immediately after the media found out about their relationship and it was awful and hateful the way they went at Meghan.

It got so bad that Harry had to put out a statement not only condemning the attacks on her but the fact that they started stalking her at every turn.
After Prince Harry's statement, for a short while it almost seem as if they had stop the attacks; however the real truth was that they had only turn to speculating about whether or not the couple would get marry.
The truth of the matter is that they didn't expect them to get married & I suspect they were led to believe this, first, because they couldn't see a black woman joining the BRF & secondly they were convinced this was so because they were told so by a former BRF staff member.
Unfortunately for them, their worst fears came thru. Harry proposed to Meghan and from all indication they couldn't stop the wedding so in the meantime they turned their focus to writing about wedding plans.

if they couldn't stop the wedding for now they would simply milk it as
they could.

Not long after the wedding the attacks started again by brining her father and his family members in to accuse and vilify Meghan.

But then it got extremely vicious when they went on the first major overseas tour to the Pacific.
Harry and Meghan really shone on that tour, so why would the Media not celebrate that instead of attacking them?

The answer I think is two fold, one, they saw their potential to be the stars of the BRF and that was not acceptable by some in the BRF namely the courtiers who we
learned was leaking info to the Media and Royal Reporters.
The second issue and I think even more important than the first was the couple announced they were expecting a baby.

Why is this even more critical than the first? Because they now realized that they would not be able to break up the couple that easily and even if they did they
still had to deal with the fact that a biracial child was going to be inline for the throne.

Hence the headline started coming fast & furious, Meghan held her baby bump too much, Meghan's lobe of avocados was causing drought, etc.
Don't believe me? Take a look at this video:
This continued right through her pregnancy with no consideration for the stress they were causing her that could potentially end up in her losing her baby.

In fact it's as if that's what they wanted, for her to lose her child.
After all that and no public show of support from the BRF and on top of that was told she could defend herself, her husband decided enough is enough and that they would leave the family and make their own way.

Plus they has to deal with the constant leaks to the media from the

They announced that in leaving, they wanted to make their own way financially.

This was because of the constant attacks on their so call spending habits. The media & online trolls would complain not only about the cost of her clothes,
but also the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, a property that was slated for repairs.

Despite deciding to leave they didn't want to give up their charities or helping the Queen, so they offered to work for the BRF for 6 months of the year. They also offered to fund it themselves.
Anyone with an ounce of commonsense would think that is a great idea?

Where in the world do you have an organization with staff who wants to work for you not just for free but also pay any expenses associated with doing the job.
Instead of accepting their offer they were turned and as usual the info was leaked to the public that they wanted out.

Which now brings us to why I started this thread to begin with, which is that the attacks on Harry & Meghan is really about Meghan being black despite those
would try to deny it.

Since they stepped back from Royal life, the BM has been outright hateful in their attacks against Meghan blaming her for Harry's leaving, even though Harry's has said from the beginning that this was his decision & also if you look at Harry's history,
To make matters worst, since H & M decided to pay back the renovation cost for Frogmore the BM has been in a frenzy.

Having realized they can no longer use it as a means to go at them they have taken to create out right lies, going so far as to lie to the US President
claiming that Meghan is interfering with the US election, despite the fact that she did no such thing.

As an American and non-working Royal, Meghan has a right to vote and to encourage others to vote.
To lie to the President is not only cruel but evil, knowing that this could place her in danger from extreme right wing nut jobs.

And not being satisfied with that they are now calling for them to be stripped of their titles, which is strange considering they never once asked
for Prince Andrew who is linked to a pedophile, to be stripped of his title.

To further my point that this is racist in nature, there are those who are now telling Prince Harry that he should cut his lost and come home. In other words to discard his family.
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