Biblical Times call for biblical interpretations of past stories and this thread delves into correlations between The Odyssey and the Q Anon phenomenon. A spirited dive into an Epic story that has remarkable connections with Q and events unfolding
The Odyssey draws parallels to our Past, Present and Future situation, rich in characters, adventures, incidents, the intimate with the Divine and making the household (think lockdowns) rather than the Battlefield ( digital soldiers) the centre of this world
Let’s take a moment to note that the Ancient World agreed that Homer the poet was the author and composed the Iliad and the Odyssey some time in the 8th Century BC somewhere along Greek occupied seaboard of Ionia-Homers birthplace
The first link pops up here with Q.
JFK Junior has some connections with Homers birthplace when his mother Jacquie married Aristotle Onassis-Greek shipping magnate on the private island Onassis owned called Skorpios on the Ionian Coast. Junior spent time there and in Athens
Odysseus our lead character ( for the purpose of this thread is alluding to JFK junior and Q) is absent from his home in Ithaca for 20 years ( 10 years at the siege of Troy, 3 years blown around the Mediterranean, 7years hostage on Calypsos Island)
Correlating this with JFK juniors passing in 1999, it’s approx. 20 years ago. In the 17th year of Odysseus’ absence 108 suitors take up residence in his palace( in our modern timeline that would be 2017 -when Trump came to office)
In the 20th year of O ( Odysseus) absence the Gods convene a meeting and on the Goddess Athene’s please to help O they decide to order Calypso to release O so he can return home. High profile Athene is Odysseus’ patron. The best to have on ones side
Goddess Athene - Daughter of Zeus , goddess of war, handcraft, divine knowledge, her symbols are the Olive tree and the Owl 🦉 ( interesting)
Now I’m going to backtrack for a minute. When I was pulling this thread together I spoke with a friend in WA who was up north and had seen a boat called the Next Chapter in the Kimberley. Curious I searched on live maritime maps to track its path
To say I was blown blown away when the tracking showed it had come from “Hidden Island” and it’s boat reg number was DT0006. When I saw the shape of Hidden Island it reminded me of Skorpios. I’ve flipped it for this comparison
Back to our story... in this analogy I’m going to focus on the Cyclops Chapter. An event that Odysseus would have encountered about 13 years into his journey. That would make it 2013 modern timeline ( post your links here if you know wat happened in 2013 that may connect
For this thread I give the Cyclops the ulterior meaning of the Cabal/Illuminati. The Cyclops -a one eyed giant that lives in a cave looking after sheep And is a cannibal. Connections with one Eye symbolism, sheep ( Covid) human trafficking DUMBS
Odysseus visits the Cyclops to seek help for his voyage but sending the danger he chooses 12 of his best men plus himself (= 13 an important number) . He also brings with him an offering of a very special wine/ ambrosia
Odysseus’ foreboding is justified as the Cyclopes people are fierce and lawless and the one-eyed Giant soon entraps them in his cave, eating some of his men. Similar to the Cabal -a law unto themselves, devouring what they want at their will
Being the masterful man that he is, Odysseus creates a plan to blind the Cyclops using disguise and trickery. He fashions a weapon using the Cyclops own walking stick whilst the Cyclops tends his fat flock of sheep in the pastures.
Here the Q correlation is seen again. Using the enemy’s weapon and tools to your advantage. Q summoned digital soldiers, evidence of the Cabals evil is recorded in emails/photos/money trails etc. that is and will, eventually all be revealed on the journey to “home”.
Evening fell and after the Cyclops lifted the great door stone into place to close his cave, the cunning Odysseus mild in manner, offered the Giant an olive wood bowl of the Ambrosia that Odysseus had brought in goatskin and a speech .........
Here 2 significant features occur in our analogy: O lulls the Giant to drunken sleep using the ambrosia wine -Q lulled the Cabal into a false sense of security. The Cabal is so greedy and drunk on the Adrenochrome industry it falls asleep to a disguised enemy -NOBODY
Nothings a coincidence and during formulation of this thread President Trump tweeted this
If JFK junior is alive then he has needed to be a master of disguise, taking his Q from Odysseus?
Back to the story Odysseus seizes the opportunity whilst the Cyclopes is sleeping to blind his One Eye- the weapon is heated in the fire and it takes 5 of them to plunge the hot pole needle into the eye. Imagine the force our Q Team needed to disable the Cabal.......
During the Obama administration was when the Cabal was fully blinded, as Trump planned and enacted his strive for the presidency by garnering the support of “nobodies “ -the common people. Blinded as they were they couldn’t see, blindly believing that Hilary would win.
Back to the story.... we have now a screaming enraged Giant, his fellow Cyclopes didnt believe him when he called for help and told them Nobody had done this. But Odysseus is still in a bind- how to move the giant door stone to escape the Cave ?
Enraged the Cyclops, (Polyphemus is his Greek name) opens the stone himself and sits in the doorway hoping to catch Odysseus and his men as he knows they will attempt escape. O runs scheme after scheme thru his mind and settles on the life or death scenario of using the sheep
Turning to our Odyssey-Q analogy we find ourselves in the modern part of this epic in Covid times. The flocks of human sheep are believing the Covid narrative which has served as a cover /disguise to complete the Master Plan-think clearing the DUMBS .
Odysseus utilises the Cyclops sheep, knowing they will seek out pasture for the day, lashing 3 together and carrying a man hiding underneath they pass directly under the Cyclops hands as he counts his sheep as they pass. Odysseus uses the last of the flock-The prized Black Ram !
This song was tweeted this morning by Faith. The Black Sheep
Odysseus and his remaining men not only escape but take the flock with them. The flock can now be connected with the Q movement-
“ We Have Everything “
As they sail away the exuberant Odysseus can’t resist calling out and mocking Polyphemus the Giant. Does that remind you of The President and the White Hats -think celebs/politicians made to publicly serve Pizza 🍕.
Polyphemus is actually the son of Poseidon and he calls on the god to curse Odysseus’ journey home. He picks up a huge boulder and hurls it at O’s ship, missing it causing a huge wave 🌊. Think Covid waves, the waves caused by the election of Mr President, the ripple effect
Coming back to the analogy of Odysseus and Q the last 7 years the cabal have thrown every boulder of chaos into the journey. But Odysseus and Q -Have it All. Additionally 2019/20 coincides with the meeting of the Gods in the 20th year of absence and Athene sets the path for HOME
Any epic plan such as The Q Plan needs colossal subterfuge and disguise right to the final moments and a helping hand from the Gods. Everyone thought Odysseus had died, just like everyone believed JFK junior has passed. Maybe he’s finally left Calypsos island?
Disguise . Q . Nobody . Real from Unreal. Real from unreal Identity . All themes we are seeing run through the current narrative and unfolding live movie, with no one being who they seem.... it’s the recurring theme throughout The Odyssey
Finally the other incredible connection with The Odyssey is our author Homer. Homer Simpson comes to mind including episodes predicting Trumps presidency. the most intriguing is the Tesla connection, this thread also appeared during piecing this together.
Final point of interest-composing this thread over a few weeks Giant info kept popping up including this 30 minute Giant doco which mentions the Smithsonian Institute - Trump mocked them recently.
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