So who's anti-Catholic? We should ask Barr or Bannon, because those uptight Papists are likely to consider Amy Coney Barrett's People of Praise crypto-Protestant and thus ITSELF anti-Catholic.

Now THAT would make for excellent medieval internecine conflict.
I don't know about Kav—he doesn't seem like a big reader—but my bishop great-uncle wouldn't really be down for speaking in tongues & Pentecostalist hoopla at his mass.
If you REALLY care about Catholicism, in fact, & Barrett's religious freedoms & convictions, it makes sense to send her, Barr, & Bannon to the dear old Vatican where they can hash out some of the finer points here, perhaps in Latin. Would take...maybe 6 months? But well worth it.
Catholic Twitter: this is my great great uncle, btw. Said to be under consideration for canonization. We're all waiting. If I have a saint in the family, I believe I can tell Barr what to do.
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