good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are TripleJ Hack journo Shalailah Medhora, murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden and Australian studies Professor Mark Kenny.
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#Insiders is normally a federal politics show but Speers opens with the Victorian government today. Odd. He also mentions what the federal government says about “jobs”. The usual lies about “work” - they mean unemployment FIGURES - are repeated.
opening the show with the Morrison government perspective on “jobs” and what the Treasurer wants statistics to do. Men like Speers refuse to understand that this framing dehumanises unemployed people. We are not just latent jobs and statistics for political campaigning. #Insiders
footage of politicians and journalists economic illiteracy. Like Speers, Probyn frames Liberal government backflips and concessions as a shift in “policy” even tho nothing has changed. The policy cupboard is still completely bare #Insiders
#WhatThePapersSay starts with the fundy forced birth advocate white woman Trump will nominate your the SCOTUS with no context #Insiders
odd level of detail on Victorian restrictions easing from David ease restrictions Speers. Anyone relying on #Insiders for what restrictions will be eased and when is not choosing their media sources very intelligently.
PUB TEST. DRINK. #Insiders discuss the resignation of former Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos. As mentioned, this is usually a federal politics show. Unless there is a negative Labor story to discuss *cough Setka cough*.
Dandrews “stuck to his lines” gee terrible show mate. Sticking to chanting portmanteaus with the word JOB stuck at the front is obviously absolutely fine. #Insiders
the police did not want to do hotel quarantine, Maiden says.
[And what the police want the police get, nobody adds.]
Jenny Mikakos feels unfairly “fitted up” adds Maiden. #Insiders
it wasn’t Mikakos decision and all roads seem to point to the police, the evidence is pointing towards the police making the decision.
The panelists then express bafflement that a body of armed agents of the state hold enormous power. #Insiders
Speers invites Professor* Kenny to comment on Premier Andrews current popularity and speculate about Premier Andrews future popularity so good to have an expert on popularity on the panel. #Insiders
lmao now the federal politics show is speculating about when the very popular Victorian Labor premier “will go”. God these people are pointless. #Insiders
speculate speculate. The future Victorian election campaign messaging has written itself says someone whose name I missed. Speers thanks this person for their “analysis” on unknown unknowns. #Insiders
segue you’re the Bandt - Federal Greens leader - with footage of the Victorian inquiry into hotel quarantine. Tbf Bandt is a lower house MP for an inner Melbourne seat. #Insiders
as usual, Speers accepts the premise of the Morrison government lies and puts the vacuous Morrison government sloganeering on fossil fuels. He does this to ask Bandt about non-existent emissions targets. #Insiders
Bandt puts solar and wind back on the agenda instead of the techtopian gooseshit Taylor gave the press gallery for their Morrison comms pieces this week. Speers counters that chief scientist said investment in solar and wind is already high. (Yes, it is. I wonder why.) #Insiders
Bandt is quoting scientific consensus on renewables back to Speers who, as his class of journo always do in support of the Morrison government comms strategy, asks but wHaT WiLL iT cOsT?? #Insiders
heh given the massive government debt we have already, says Bandt, and spells out the fiscal position in clear terms. Gas is as dirty as coal, says Bandt. There is debate around that, interrupting Speers says hastily. Bandt responds and gets cut off. #Insiders
scraping the barrel when “should there be windfarms in Tasmania?” is the attempted gotcha. Dearly dear Speersy. #Insiders
back to the budget. Bandt makes the case for not cutting the JSP and JK. He calls the ridiculous Morrison government tax policy that benefits rich people “tax cuts for Clive Palmer”. Twice. Says the cost is up to $30 billion per year. #Insiders
here is the Treasurer talking about the unemployment RATE. Not people, not hardship, not human dignity. Speers blathers in again about this comms strategy as a “shift” from their debt and deficit hysteria. Not said: this is wholly about the Coalition backbench. #Insiders
Medhora tells of a report that 11,000 people applied for a dish pig job? Hole sheet.
Maiden says let’s back up the truck and ask if 6% is the right benchmark. Economists warn it could trigger a double dip recession👏🏼 #Insiders.
apparently when Maiden and colleagues question how the 6% benchmark was reached, on what criteria, they get cranky calls from the Treasurer’s office! Goodness. Just like Turnbull and the rest then. #Insiders
lmao Professor* Kenny kicks the “fiscal rectitude” lie along. Medhora jumps in to say that the [arbitrary] 6% benchmark does not account for underemployment. Speers offers some lip service to young people and women “hardest hit”. No mention of who is doing the hitting. #Insiders
next up is the proposed tearing up of laws that regulate large wealthy predatory and often criminal banks and other financial institutions. Medhora points to young people withdrawing super to pay down credit card debt #Insiders
Australian banks are risk averse? Are they kidding? Who is not getting massive lines of almost free credit? Oh yeah low income people who pay almost pawn shop level interest on credit cards. Property owners are fine thanks. #Insiders
clip of the Taylor speech. A set of lies so embarrassing, so fantastic, that I am almost lost for words. There is going to have to be taxpayer support for the [techtopian nonsense]? Speers asks Professor Kenny. Yes $18 billion worth says the Professor #Insiders
this is what you do when you will do anything but a tax on carbon, says Kenny, where “you” means the carbon emissions increasing, fossil fuel expanding, climate catastrophe accelerating Morrison government #Insiders
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