It’s official— Donald Trump just went against RBG’s wish and nominated a justice before the 2021 inauguration.

Students from across the country are heading to DC to rally, protest, and organize.

Here’s a thread of how you can help:
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Young organizers from across the country are planning a "McConnell v. Justice" rally at the SCOTUS.

Saturday, October 17th, 4pm.

In-person and online actions to follow Monday, October 19th - Wednesday, October 21st.
Our Motto: "Rise up, remain free, remember RBG."

Twitter: @McJusticeRally

FB page: McConnell v. Justice

Facebook group: McConnell v. Justice Rally

Facebook event: 

Instagram: @McConnellvJustice

Tiktok: @McConnellvJustice
Meet our team! (thread)
Rachel Gonzalez, 21
Kansas City, Missouri

I began volunteering on political campaigns in high school and have since served as a DNC delegate twice. I am also an Executive Committee of the MO Democratic Party, and as a leader in various other organizations
Coby Owens, 25
Wilmington, Delaware

Coby Owens is an award-winning advocate, organizer, and former candidate for Wilmington City Council. He is the youngest member of the Delaware Democratic State Executive Committee andDeleware’s NAACP conference.
Mimi Halpern, 17
Merion Station, Pennslyvania

Mimi Halpern is a co-founder of Enough Greater Philadelphia and organizes with Pennslyvania Democrats. She is a first-time voter committed to engaging more young people across the country.
Tay Anderson, 22
Denver, Colorado

Tay Anderson is a Denver School Board Director, community organizer, and activist.
Krissie Palomo, 20
Austin, Texas

Krissie Palomo is a college student who has dedicated her life after high school to organizing for Democrats up and down the ballot.
Bekah Meigs, 24
Shawnee, Kansas

Bekah Meigs is a campaign field organizer in Kansas and an activist.
Frederick Bell, 22
New Orleans, Louisiana

Frederick Bell is a former DNC delegate who now works as a field organizer in South Carolina.
Dylan Hellebrand, 21
Orlando, Florida

Dylan Hellebrand is a fellow with the Florida Democratic Party and a dedicated campaign volunteer.
Victor Shi, 18
Chicago, Illinois

Victor Shi is an incoming freshman at UCLA, he was recently the youngest Illinois delegate to the Democratic National convention, and he is the co-host of Intergenerational Politics.
Taylor Holmes, 21
Kansas City, Kansas

Taylor Holmes is a Kansas field organizer and student advocate.
Sydney Halpern, 17
Merion Station, Pennsylvania

Sydney Halpern is a first-time voter, founder of Enough Greater Philadelphia, and advocate for electing Democrats in PA, Sydney is proud to spend her 18th birthday protesting for a just future for all.
Cassidy Wilson, 22
Birmingham, Alabama

Cassidy is a recent graduate and social media coordinator.
Shahmeer Hashmat, 22
New Orleans, Louisiana

Shahmeer is a medical student at Tulane University School of Medicine. He is passionate about social justice initiatives and protecting the rights of the most marginalized.
Johnathen Sweeney, 22
Cincinnati, Ohio

Johnathen Sweeney is a recent graduate of Ohio University, receiving a degree in journalism. He is passionate about social justice issues and our future.
Tim Hernández, 23
Northside Denver, CO

Tim is a former public school teacher and community organizer in DC.
Carissma McGee, 20
Bear, Delaware

A current student at Howard University, Carissma is a field organizer and congressional intern. She fights for a diverse, equitable, informed, and inclusive future.
Mana Shooshtari, 23
Stockton, California.

Mana is a student a field organizer leading the way in California.
Myra Richardson, 21
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Myra Richardson is a nationally recognized organizer and activist.
Kendall Martinez-Wright, 26

Ms. Kendall Martinez-Weight is a statewide LGBTQ and human rights advocate. She is also the only Trans lobbyist in the Missouri legislature.
Mohammed Khader, 23
Washington, DC; Jackson, Mississippi

Mohammed is a political strategist with a background in foreign policy and international relations.
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