We knew that Donald Trump's pick to fill the Supreme Court vacancy would be bad -- especially under these circumstances -- but Amy Coney Barrett is a truly horrifying pick.

Judge Barrett is a conservative’s dream to fill RBG’s seat.
Let us explain why. 👇
She's heavily criticized Roe v. Wade -- calling the landmark ruling "a framework of abortion on demand" -- and made clear that she will ignore precedent and overturn laws as she sees fit. She's attacked efforts to ensure access to contraception as an assault on religious liberty.
She's openly opposed the Affordable Care Act, critiquing the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the individual mandate. Another ACA case is scheduled to begin just one week after November’s election. Confirming Coney Barrett would be an insurmountable barrier to the ACA's future.
She was paid by an anti-LGBTQ hate group to deliver a lecture.
She's also made a number of alarming rulings siding with employers and corporations instead of workers. Her first opinion issued as a judge on the Seventh Circuit helped a company racially segregate their workforce.
Barrett has already shown she would side with Trump over our democracy since she opposed Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Allowing Trump to name another far-right extremist to the Supreme Court could hand him the upcoming election if it came down to a judicial ruling.
Barrett has asserted other baffling opinions, including opposition to basic criminal justice reforms.

She's demonstrated her extremism consistently throughout her career and would uphold Trump’s agenda for decades to come if confirmed.

We must stop that from happening.
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