Me right now
Democratic socialist enterprise to stack the courts with liberal activists for the past 60 years and in their greed Obama and Clinton paved the way for Trump to COMPLETELY DESTROY THE STRATEGY IN JUST ONE TERM.

I am in AWE.
Obama **intentionally** left HUNDREDS of judicial appointments unfilled so Hillary could sell the seats to cronies who of course would have all been far left judicial activists.

RBG put off retiring so HRC could replace her.

I still can't believe they were that goddamn stupid.
You do not grasp the full extent of the disaster for the Democratic Socialist Alinskyite enterprise to transform this country from the top down via judicial fiat until you grasp what Trump's win meant for the courts.

They **had to have the Courts**. They MUST have the courts.

And they've spent 4 years watching Trump and McConnell fill those judicial vacancies, HUNDREDS of them. And now Trump's just made his 3rd Supreme Court pick.

In a 2nd term he'll get hundreds more judges & several more Supreme Court justices.
These 3 idiots made this possible. Because of what they set up.

ONE TERM. Trump reversed it in ONE TERM.

And Trump will spend more than FOUR MORE YEARS taking full advantage of the huge opening they left for him to walk through.


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