The actor Laurence Fox is launching a political party to fight the culture wars after raising over ÂŁ1million including substantial sums from Tory donors, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose. @lozzafox 1/
Fox hopes to stand dozens of candidates for his new party at the next general election to provide a political movement for people who are "tired of being told that we represent the very thing we have, in history, stood together against". 2/
The new party - provisionally called "Reclaim" - could launch as soon as next month. The party's name is subject to approval by the Electoral Commission. Registration papers are due to be submitted in the middle of this week. 3/
Laurence Fox tells The Sunday Telegraph: "Our politicians have lost touch with the people they represent and govern. Our public institutions now work to an agenda beyond their main purpose. Our modern UK was borne out of the inclusion of so many individual voices.  4/
We can reclaim a respectful nation where all are included and none are ashamed to have somewhere to call home.I have been so encouraged by the support I have received by those wishing to add their voices to this reclamation of our values. /5
"Our country is now in desperate need of a new political movement which promises to make our future a shared endeavour, not a divisive one. This is now my endeavour." 6/
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