The Worst American Hypocrisy🧵

No, this isn’t about the naked power grab by President Trump and the Republican Party to create a conservative Supreme Court supermajority after holding a Supreme Court vacancy open for 293 days, citing an upcoming Presidential election. 1/19
This is about the systemic silencing of America’s experts - physicians, nurses, researchers, and other healthcare professionals. 2/19
While we work on the front lines in hospitals across the nation battling the “invisible enemy,” risking our health, and bearing witness to human suffering and death, due to government and/or business rules we are not allowed to speak up on issues considered “political.” 3/19
The politicization of public health has allowed the Trump administration to use lies and disinformation to set the narrative while we are forced to be silent on this issue. This is hypocrisy at its worst. 5/19
For those of us living in the real world, the majority of Americans, we understand that the U.S. federal COVID19 response has been an abject failure. 6/19
We now know that President Trump was aware of the dangers of COVID19 well before the first American death and that the entire Republican Party and vast network of right-wing media outlets continue to make the situation worse by spreading lies and disinformation. 7/19
Public health is NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE. Public health is about using rigorous investigation and the scientific method to propose a hypothesis and then to apply the most appropriate research methodology to accept or reject that hypothesis. 8/19
Science is the attempt to discover the closest version of the truth possible and is not concerned with political ideology. 9/19
The politicization of science and public health has led us to where we are today. Over 200,000 Americans are now dead, and we are heading into the fall and winter with an uncontrolled, highly infectious virus, that kills between 1 and 5% of those who become infected. 10/19
We have a duty and the right to collectively call out President Trump’s lies in order to defend ourselves, our families, and the communities we care for. 12/19
We have a duty and obligation to defend the ideals and principles that guide our work. This is based on the years, if not decades we have spent studying science, medicine, and public health, all with the intent of serving the public good. 13/19
We have a duty and obligation to stand up for science, facts, and the truth. 14/19
I call on all institutions who employ physicians, nurses, researchers, and other healthcare professionals, whether privately owned or run by state or federal governments to stand up and do what is right - let us speak without risk of job loss or retaliation. 15/19
And go further, use your resources, public relations infrastructure, media contacts, and financial resources to amplify our voices so the truth can be heard by the American people. 16/19
This is the only way to drown out the conspiracy theories and disinformation that will inevitably lead to more COIVID19 related suffering, death, and economic destruction. 17/19
We, America’s physicians, nurses, researchers, and other healthcare professionals cannot continue to be forced to suffer in silence while those who oppose the truth for political expediency continue to speak freely. That is hypocrisy, and it is unjust. 18/19
This is a defining moment in the history of our nation. This IS a matter of life or death. Now is the time to stand on the right side of history. Now is the time to do what is in the best interest of our great nation. Now is the time to #LetOurExpertsSpeak the truth. 19/19
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